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7/25/07 ABC News - Obama: 'Better Judgment' on Foreign Policy 7/24/07 Higher Education Amendments Of 2007 7/24/07 Newsday - Dems Answer YouTube Questions at Debate 7/23/07 The Washington Post - Obama's Neighborhood Rich in Diversity 7/23/07 CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate-Transcript (part 2) 7/23/07 CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate-Transcript (part 1) 7/23/07 Globe Gazette - Obama Unveils Steps Toward Rural Policy Plan 7/22/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the National Council of La Raza 7/22/07 Associated Press - Obama Courts Iowa Union Activists 7/21/07 Foster's Online - Obama urges local voters to 'See America as it can be' 7/21/07 Baltimore Sun - Obama Invokes Spirit of MLK, RFK 7/20/07 - Obama Runs a Different Kind of Campaign in N.H. 7/20/07 Kennedy, Specter, Obama, Senators Work To Overturn Supreme Court Decision On Pay Discrimination 7/20/07 Time - Obama Says Iraq Has 'Distracted' Us 7/20/07 The State - Obama: Don't Stay in Iraq Over Genocide 7/20/07 Concord Monitor - Obama: 'It is time to bring our troops home' 7/20/07 Union Leader - 500 gather in Sunapee tent to meet Obama 7/19/07 College Cost Reduction Act Of 2007--Continued 7/19/07 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 7/19/07 Washington Post - Obama Says He, Too, Is a Poverty Fighter 7/18/07 NBC "Today"-Transcript 7/18/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Changing the Odds for Urban America 7/18/07 Obama on Iowa, Iraq and the 2008 Race 7/17/07 Obama Statement on The Declassified National Intelligence Estimate 7/17/07 Obama Statement on The Declassified National Intelligence Estima 7/17/07 Mayor Adrian Fenty Endorses Barack Obama 7/17/07 Obama Attacks Violence in Chicago 7/17/07 National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2008--Continued 7/17/07 MSNBC's First Read Blog - Obama on judges, Supreme Court 7/17/07 MSNBC - Obama on Judges, Supreme Court 7/17/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 7/17/07 Chicago Tribune's Swamp Blog - Obama Walks Picket in Chicago 7/15/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama attacks violence in Chicago 7/15/07 Chicago Tribue - Obama Attacks Violence in Chicago 7/14/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama: Shift troops to fight al-Qaida 7/13/07 ABC News - Obama Outshines Fellow Dems at NAACP 7/12/07 Washington Post - Democrats Assail Bush Record on Race 7/12/07 MSNBC - Obama Stars 7/12/07 Obama, Bond, Boxer, McCaskill, Murray, Lieberman Introduce Amendment to Temporarily Cease Military Personality Disorder Discharges 7/12/07 Letter To United States President George W. Bush 7/12/07 Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 7/12/07 Intellegence Assessment On Al-Qaida 7/12/07 Detroit Free Press- 'There's More To Do,' Obama Tells Adoring Crowd At Candidates' Forum 7/11/07 Obama Statement on President Bush's Threat to Oppose Expansion of State Children's Health Insurance Program 7/11/07 Omaha World-Herald - Obama: No 'Do-Overs' on Issues Like War

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