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6/14/07 Craig Thomas Rural Hospital And Provider Equity Act 6/14/07 Obama Low Carbon Fuel Initiative Would Equal Taking 30 Million Cars Off the Road 6/14/07 Comprehensive Bill to Improve Health Care for service Members Incorporates Obama, McCaskill Proposals 6/13/07 Letter To Treasury Secretary Paulson 6/13/07 San Jose Mercury News - Obama Inspires Crowd With Excitement, Hope 6/13/07 Obama Statement on Developments in Darfur 6/12/07 Boston Globe - Barack Obama Endorses Low Carbon Fuel Standard 6/12/07 Letter To Senate Rules Committee Chaiwoman Feinstein, And Ranking Member Bennett 6/11/07 Denver Post - "Obama Moms" Cradle Campaign 6/09/07 Associated Press - Obama Hits Streets in Grass-Roots Effort 6/09/07 Boston Globe - Obama Hits Streets In Grass-Roots Effort 6/09/07 Des Moines Register - Obama Chooses Shoe Leather Over TV Ads 6/08/07 The Washington Times - Obama Rallies Supporters For Door-To-Door Campaign 6/07/07 Obama Raises Concerns With Nominee for Surgeon General 6/07/07 Obama Bill Would Make Election Fraud, Voter Intimidation Illegal 6/07/07 Voter Intimidation Targeted By Obama 6/07/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 6/07/07 Obama, Emanuel Introduce Bills to Establish Teacher Residency Program 6/06/07 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act Of 2007 6/06/07 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act Of 2007--Continued 6/06/07 Obama Campaign Launches Spanish Captioning for Online Videos 6/05/07 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act Of 2007 6/05/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the Hampton University Annual Ministers' Conference 6/05/07 Remembering Senator Craig Thomas 6/05/07 Obama Statement on the Passing of Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas 6/05/07 EPA Endorses Obama Proposal to Eliminate Lead From Schools, Child Care Facilities 6/04/07 Obama Statement on Bringing Charles Taylor to Justice 6/04/07 Remarks by Senator Hillary Clinton, Former Senator John Edwards, and Senator Barack Obama, "Pentecost 2007" 6/04/07 Boston Globe: My Health Plan Will Cover Everyone 6/04/07 ABC 7 News: Obama Answers Critics At Rainbow PUSH Convention 6/03/07 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate Sponsored by CNN, WMUR-TV, and the New Hampshire Union Leader 6/03/07 CNN: New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 6/02/07 Seattle Times: Packed House Cheers Obama As He Talks Of Transforming U.S. 6/01/07 Las Vegas Review-Journal: Obama Campaigns In Reno 6/01/07 Obama Statement on Pride Month 6/01/07 ABC News: Obama Appeals To Union In Las Vegas 5/31/07 Washington Post: Obama and Romney Lay Out Positions on Iraq and Beyond 5/31/07 Portsmouth Herald: Obama: Health 'Movement' 5/31/07 Las Vegas Sun: Obama Sees Political Gains In Conservative Nevada 5/31/07 Barack Obama's Quiet Rebellion 5/31/07 Foreign Affairs: Renewing American Leadership

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