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4/18/07 Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act Of 2007--Motion To Proceed 4/18/07 Obama, Inslee Introduce Bill to Help U.S. Automakers Produce Hybrids, Lower Health Care Costs 4/18/07 Obama Statement on Senate's Failure to Consider Bill Allowing Medicare to Negotiate Lower Rx Drug Prices 4/18/07 Obama Response to Supreme Court Decision 4/17/07 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Leaving A Quit Impression 4/16/07 Obama Statement on the Tragedy at Virginia Tech 4/16/07 Barack Obama's Statement on the VT Tragedy 4/16/07 Obama Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day 4/14/07 Obama Statement on the U.S. Olympic Committee's Selection of Chicago 4/14/07 Post and Courier: Obama Puts Emphasis On Education 4/14/07 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Obama Delivers Goosebumps 4/14/07 Chicago Tribune: Obama Brings Message Of Change To Atlanta 4/12/07 Letter To United States President George W. Bush 4/12/07 Upcoming Elections In Nigeria 4/12/07 Letter To Senate Committee On Rules And Administration Heads; Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Robert Bennett 4/11/07 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" -Transcript 4/11/07 CNN The Situation Room-Transcript 4/11/07 MSNBC Hardball-Transcript 4/11/07 Second Chance Act 4/11/07 Hope Offered Through Principled And Ethical Stem Cell Research Act--Continued-- 4/11/07 Obama Renews Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research 4/10/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 4/10/07 Senators Introduce Bill to Provide Housing for Homeless Veterans 4/09/07 Letter To Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Mark Everson 4/09/07 Times-Republican: Obama Visits Marshalltown 4/09/07 Boston Globe: Obama Has Plan To House Veterans 4/05/07 Recall of Children's Items Leads to Reintroduce Lead Legislation 4/05/07 Globe Gazette: Obama Invites Crowd: Let's Do This Together 4/04/07 Portsmouth Herald: Obama Hear From Seacost On Health Care

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