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Barack Obama II's Public Statements on Issue: Defense

Date Title
July 25, 2007 ABC News - Obama: 'Better Judgment' on Foreign Policy
July 21, 2007 Foster's Online - Obama urges local voters to 'See America as it can be'
July 20, 2007 Concord Monitor - Obama: 'It is time to bring our troops home'
July 20, 2007 Time - Obama Says Iraq Has 'Distracted' Us
July 20, 2007 The State - Obama: Don't Stay in Iraq Over Genocide
July 20, 2007 Union Leader - 500 gather in Sunapee tent to meet Obama
July 18, 2007 NBC "Today"-Transcript
July 17, 2007 Obama Statement on The Declassified National Intelligence Estimate
July 17, 2007 National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2008--Continued
July 14, 2007 Chicago Tribune - Obama: Shift troops to fight al-Qaida
July 12, 2007 Intellegence Assessment On Al-Qaida
July 12, 2007 Obama, Bond, Boxer, McCaskill, Murray, Lieberman Introduce Amendment to Temporarily Cease Military Personality Disorder Discharges
July 11, 2007 Omaha World-Herald - Obama: No 'Do-Overs' on Issues Like War
July 10, 2007 Radio Iowa - Obama Says Troop Surge Hasn't Worked, Need Responsible Withdrawal
July 3, 2007 The Citizen Of Laconia: Obama Offers Message Of Hope
June 30, 2007 Pioneer Press - With Grass-Roots Themes, Obama Fires Up A Crowd
June 21, 2007 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Obama Impresses In First Visit To Pittsburgh
June 21, 2007 Letter To Secretary Of Defense Robert M. Gates
June 19, 2007 Ottumwa Courier - Obama Shares Message Of Hope And Unity
June 19, 2007 Remarks by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), Democratic Presidential Candidate, to the AFSCME 2007 National Leadership Conference
June 2, 2007 Seattle Times: Packed House Cheers Obama As He Talks Of Transforming U.S.
June 1, 2007 Las Vegas Review-Journal: Obama Campaigns In Reno
May 31, 2007 Washington Post: Obama and Romney Lay Out Positions on Iraq and Beyond
May 31, 2007 Barack Obama's Quiet Rebellion
May 31, 2007 Foreign Affairs: Renewing American Leadership
May 28, 2007 Obama Campaign Announces 252 Iowa Veterans for Obama
May 25, 2007 Chicago Tribune: Obama Defends War Funding Vote
May 24, 2007 Obama Votes to Demand Changed Course in Iraq
May 19, 2007 Foster's Daily Democrat: Obama Pushes N.H. Senators To End Iraq War
May 18, 2007 Campaigns and Elections Magazine: Obama Pushes Voters to Contact Senators on Iraq
May 17, 2007 Boston Globe's blog: Obamab Supporters To Put Pressure On NH Senators Over Iraq
May 16, 2007 Obama Statement on Today's Iraq Vote
May 15, 2007 Obama Statement on Iraq Redeployment Plans
May 13, 2007 The Kansas City Star: Obama Fires Up Backers In KC
May 13, 2007 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"
May 11, 2007 Des Moines Register: Obama Sticks To Stance On War, Environment
May 6, 2007 Des Moines Register: Obama Urges Iowans To Lobby Congress To End The Iraq War
May 2, 2007 Chicago Tribune: Obama: Iraq Veto Bush's Latest Foolhardy Step
May 1, 2007 Obama Statement on President's Veto of Iraq Funding Bill
April 30, 2007 Boston Globe: Calif. Democrats Warm For Clinton, WIld For Obama
April 26, 2007 Obama Statement on Supplemental Bill that Sets a Target Redeployment Date
April 26, 2007 MSNBC Presidential Democratic Debate-Transcript
April 25, 2007 The Visit Of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
April 23, 2007 Chicago Tribune: Obama Outlines A Vision Of A New U.S. Approach Abroad
April 19, 2007 Letter To Government Accountability Office, Comptroller General, David M. Walker
April 14, 2007 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Obama Delivers Goosebumps
April 11, 2007 CNN The Situation Room-Transcript
April 11, 2007 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" -Transcript
April 9, 2007 Times-Republican: Obama Visits Marshalltown
April 5, 2007 Globe Gazette: Obama Invites Crowd: Let's Do This Together
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