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Office: U.S. House (LA) - District 1, Republican Majority Whip
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1/19/18 Louisiana Lawmakers Urge Senate Democrats to Fund America's Priorities, Avoid Government Shutdown 1/18/18 Tweet - "The House just voted to fund the government. Senate Democrats need to take a serious look into the mirror and decide if they really want to shut down the government and deny health care to nearly 9 million children in order to provide amnesty for people here illegally." 1/18/18 Scalise Calls on Senate Democrats to Stop Putting Illegal Immigration Politics over the Lives of American Citizens 1/02/18 2018 Congressional Agenda 12/15/17 Tweet - "We're repealing the Obamacare individual mandate -- Americans deserve the freedom and flexibility to choose the plan that works best for them." 11/03/17 Tweet - The House just voted to extend #CHIP, to provide coverage to children who need it most. 10/27/17 Letter to the Hon. Eric Hagan, Acting Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Hon. Seema Verma, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid - Abraham, Sewell lead bipartisan coalition to preserve home health 10/12/17 Steve Scalise on Tax Reform: 'Let's Get it Done' 10/10/17 Western Caucus Members Applaud EPA Action to Repeal Obama Administration's Job-Killing "Clean Power Plan' 10/10/17 Scalise Applauds Clean Power Plan Repeal 10/06/17 Statement on HHS Conscience Protection Decision 6/07/17 Scalise At Leadership Press Stakeout: Dodd-Frank 'Devastating For Businesses' 6/05/17 New Orleans Times-Picayune - I Will Not Allow Coastal Restoration Money to be Raided: Steve Scalise 6/01/17 Scalise Statement on U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Accord 5/25/17 Scalise: "I'm not going to let a dime of our GOMESA money be taken' 5/24/17 Scalise Statement on CBO Score 5/17/17 Scalise: Important To 'Pay Special Tribute' To Police Officers & Their Families 5/17/17 Scalise: Gleason Act 'Huge Victory' For Americans With Disabilities 5/07/17 Scalise on Fox News: 'We wanted to fulfill that promise we made to the American people, and we did.' 5/06/17 Scalise Clears Up Two AHCA Misconceptions on Fox News 5/05/17 Scalise on Morning Joe: 'Help is on the way' 5/05/17 Scalise on Passing AHCA: 'That's Why We're Here, That's Why We Ran' 5/05/17 Scalise on Fox Business: AHCA Will 'Put Patients Back In Charge' 5/05/17 Scalise on Fox News: 'They Want Relief. We're Going to Give it to Them With This Bill." 5/04/17 Scalise at WH Press Conference: 'We took the first step' 5/04/17 Scalise on Passage of AHCA: 'Today, we made history' 5/03/17 Scalise on Passage of Government Funding Bill: "A Win for Conservative Policies 5/03/17 Scalise on Passage of Government Funding Bill: "A Win for Conservative Policies 4/26/17 Scalise at Leadership Press Conference: Trump "Followed Through on So Many Commitments" 3/28/17 Scalise at Leadership Press Conference: 'We're Going to Keep Working' 3/23/17 Letter to the Hon. Donald J. Trump, President of the United States - Additional Disaster Assistance for Tornado Victims 3/22/17 Scalise Praises Passage of Key Health Care Reform Bills 3/21/17 Scalise at Leadership Press Conference: "We're Leading a Rescue Mission" 3/18/17 Sean Hannity to Scalise on AHCA: 'There are a lot of good things in there' 3/17/17 Trump To Scalise, Rsc Members: "I Am 100% Behind This' 3/17/17 Remarks by President Trump, Congressman Steve Scalise, and Congressman Mark Walker at Republican Study Committee Meeting 3/16/17 Scalise On Fox Business: "Giving Families The Freedom To Choose' 3/16/17 Scalise at Leadership Press Conference: "Putting Patients Back in Charge" 3/16/17 Scalise on The Hugh Hewitt Show: "American Families Have Not Been Telling Me They Want to Wait and Keep Obamacare in Place Longer" 3/16/17 Scalise On The Sean Hannity Show: "failure Is Not An Option" 3/15/17 Scalise on Morning Joe: "We've Been Waiting Seven Years" 3/14/17 Scalise on Fox News: "Every Republican voted for our bill" 3/14/17 Scalise on Fox Business: 'Giving Families the Freedom to Choose' 3/13/17 Scalise Statement on CBO Estimate 3/08/17 Scalise Lays Out Clear-Cut Choice on American Health Care Act 3/07/17 Trump to Scalise: "I'm Proud to Support the Replacement Plan" 3/01/17 Scalise: "Very Confident" Congress Will Repeal & Replace Obamacare 2/16/17 Scalise: "Taxpayers Should Not be Forced to Pay For Abortion Providers" 2/11/17 Scalise Statement on Request for Federal Disaster Declaration 1/13/17 Obamacare Has Failed The American People

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