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3/07/12 Create Jobs 2/29/12 Let's Work Together 2/29/12 Let's Work Together 1/01/12 Issue Position: Cash for Clunkers 12/09/11 Letter to President Obama 11/07/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, Chairman Rogers and Ranking Member Dicks 11/01/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner 10/03/11 Hoover Power Allocation Act of 2011 9/27/11 Letter to Mr. Antonio Brufau Niubó, Chairman Repsol 9/22/11 Members of Congress: Public-Private Partnerships Critical for Sustainable Water and Energy 6/22/11 Letter to the Honorable Dave Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and the Honorable Sander Levin Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee - Urge for Renewable Energy Incentives for Non-Profits 1/17/11 Letter to Chairman Gensler and Commissioners Sommers, Chilton and O'Malia of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission 9/28/10 Letter to The President 9/16/10 Rep. Baca Commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month 5/06/10 Baca Votes To Increase Home Energy Renovations, Create New Jobs 3/03/10 EPA Chief Asserts Burdensome Regulations In California Creates Jobs! 8/27/09 Baca Announces $9.9 Million In Recovery Funds To Inland Area For Clean Energy Projects 6/26/09 Rep. Baca Supports Historic Energy Legislation 5/14/09 Baca Supports Legislation to Modernize America's Schools, Increase Energy Efficiency 9/17/08 Rep. Baca Supports Historic Comprehensive Energy Legislation 6/05/08 Rep. Baca Backs Budget Plan That Invests in Education, Energy, Infrastructure 6/05/08 Baca Supports Legislation to Modernize America's Schools, Increase Energy Efficiency 4/22/08 Rep. Baca Declares Support for Goals and Ideals of Earth Day 2/27/08 Rep. Baca Backs Plan to Invest in Renewable Energy, Create New Jobs 12/18/07 Rep. Baca Supports Landmark Energy Legislation 12/06/07 Rep. Baca Introduces Bill to Give Schools Energy Relief 7/26/06 National Security Foreign Investment Reform and Strengthened Transparency Act of 2006 4/28/06 Rep. Baca Calls for Crackdown on Price-Gougers 4/27/06 Letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert 10/28/05 Introduction of the School Energy Crisis Relief Act 9/13/05 Tauscher & Pombo Lead Effort to Restore NIF Funding 7/28/05 Conference Report on H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005 7/15/05 Appointment of Conferees on H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005 10/18/04 Pelosi, Western Democrats Urge Bush to Repudiate FERC, Supply Refunds to Energy Consumers in California, Other Western States

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