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Paul Broun's Public Statements

Date Title
March 23, 2013 Broun Statement on Passage of Senate Budget
March 20, 2013 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget, Fiscal Year 2014
March 19, 2013 Letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano: Release of Detained Immigrants
March 15, 2013 Broun Introduces House's Toughest Balanced Budget Amendment
March 15, 2013 Broun Comes Out Strong Against Ryan Budget
March 14, 2013 Subcommittee Examines Management Challenges at EPA, DOE, Interior
March 14, 2013 Letter to Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Bob Perciasepe - Releasing Livestock Producers' Information
March 14, 2013 Letter to Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Michael Huerta - Local Contract Control Tower Closures
March 13, 2013 Broun Urges Senate to Reject the CR
March 11, 2013 Broun Announces Liberty Day Project for Students
March 7, 2013 Broun Statement on Continuing Resolution Vote
March 5, 2013 Broun: President Trying to Cover his Tracks, Knows he Cried Wolf
Feb. 28, 2013 ACU Gives Broun 100% Rating on Commitment to Constitution
Feb. 28, 2013 Subcommittee Examines Challenges at Federal Science Agencies
Feb. 28, 2013 Letter to Secretary of Energy Steven Chu - Cape Wind DOE Loan Guarantee Info
Feb. 27, 2013 Sequestration
Feb. 13, 2013 Broun Response to State of the Union
Feb. 4, 2013 Broun Announces 2013 Congressional Art Competition
Jan. 24, 2013 Letter to President Obama - Gun Control
Jan. 22, 2013 Broun: Suspending Debt Ceiling is Playing with FIre
Jan. 14, 2013 Broun Offers 316 Million in Spending Cuts to Sandy Relief Bill
Jan. 13, 2013 Broun's Staff to Host Constituent Service Days
Jan. 3, 2013 Broun Reintroduces 'Audit the Fed' Bill, Says He'll Pick up Where Ron Paul Left Off
Jan. 3, 2013 Broun Reintroduces Sanctity of Human Life Act
Jan. 1, 2013 Broun Votes Against Fiscal Cliff Deal: Says it Makes a Mockery of Spending Problem
Jan. 1, 2013 Issue Position: Economy and Tax Reform
Jan. 1, 2013 Issue Position: Education
Jan. 1, 2013 Issue Position: Energy
Jan. 1, 2013 Americans for Prosperity: Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Dec. 10, 2012 Chairman Broun Statement on Chinese Firm Buying Taxpayer-Subsidized Car Battery Company A123
Dec. 4, 2012 Broun: Democrats Say Raise Taxes or Go to Hell
Nov. 29, 2012 Subcommittee Questions Value of Hypothetical Watershed Assessment
Oct. 25, 2012 Subcommittee Requests GAO Review of NASA Export Controls
Oct. 24, 2012 Subcommittee Reiterates Call for Details of NOAA Travel Expenses
Oct. 19, 2012 Subcommittee Requests IG Review of EPA Experiments on Humans
Oct. 5, 2012 Broun: September Jobs Report Raises Questions
Oct. 5, 2012 EPA Continues to Evade Oversight of Alaskan Watershed Assessment
Oct. 2, 2012 Two Polar Satellite Reports Echo Committee Concerns about Future of Weather Forecasting
Sept. 21, 2012 Broun & RSC Members Introduce Plan to Streamline Food Welfare Programs, Provide State Flexibility
Aug. 7, 2012 Chairman Broun Requests EPA Briefing on Alaska Watershed Study
July 26, 2012 Committee Looks to Improve Successful NOAA Drought Monitoring Program
July 24, 2012 GOP Doctors Caucus
July 11, 2012 Broun Votes to Repeal Obamacare
June 28, 2012 Broun Votes to Hold Attorney General in Contempt of Congress
June 28, 2012 Broun: Today is a Sad Day for Liberty
June 28, 2012 Georgia Congressional Delegation "Bitterly Disappointed" by Supreme Court Ruling
June 28, 2012 Broun: Today is a Sad Day for Liberty
June 27, 2012 Joint Hearing of the Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee and the Energy and Environment Subcommittee of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee - Continuing Oversight of the Nation's Weather Satellite Programs: An Update on JPSS and GOES-R
June 27, 2012 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act
June 27, 2012 Real Health Care Reform
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