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10/09/17 Governor Brown Signs Legislation To Increase Transparency In Prescription Drug Pricing 10/02/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement On Las Vegas Shooting 9/29/17 Governor Brown Signs Comprehensive Legislative Package To Increase State's Housing Supply And Affordability 9/06/17 Governor Brown Calls for Deeper Trans-Pacific Collaboration on Climate Change at Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok 8/30/17 "We Are With DREAMers" Joint Statement 8/25/17 Governor Brown, Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye, Senator Hertzberg and Assemblymember Bonta Commit to Work Together on Reforms to California's Bail System 8/02/17 Governor Brown Welcomes Norway to Under2 Climate Coalition 7/26/17 Governor Brown Signs Groundbreaking Bill to Reduce Air Pollution 7/25/17 Governor Brown Signs Landmark Climate Bill to Extend California's Cap-and-Trade Program 7/17/17 Governor Brown, Senate President Pro Tempore and Assembly Speaker Issue Statement on Housing 7/12/17 California Governor Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg Launch "America's Pledge" 7/10/17 Governor Brown, Senate President Pro Tempore and Assembly Speaker Announce Landmark Legislation to Reduce Air and Carbon Pollution 7/06/17 California Governor Brown Announces Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September 2018 6/27/17 Governor Brown Signs 2017-2018 State Budget 6/22/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on U.s. Senate GOP's Trumpcare Bill 6/13/17 Governor Brown, Legislative Leaders Issue Statements on Budget Agreement 6/09/17 Brown Discusses Climate Action with German Federal Minister for the Environment 6/08/17 China Day 5: Governor Brown Closes California-China Climate Mission with Call to Action: "It's not a Time for Inertia, it's a Time for Radical Change" 6/07/17 China Day 4: Governor Brown Opens Under2 Clean Energy Forum, Welcomes New Under2 Coalition Global Ambassador Christiana Figueres 6/06/17 China Day 3: Governor Brown Meets with Preident Xi of the People's Repubic of China, Signs Agreement with National Government to Boost Green Technology 6/06/17 Letter to the International Community and Parties to the Paris Agreement - We Are Still In 6/05/17 United States Climate Alliance Adds 10 New Members to Coalition Committed to Upholding the Paris Accord 6/01/17 New York Governor Cuomo, California Governor Brown, and Washington Governor Inslee Announce Formation of United States Climate Alliance 5/24/17 Letter to the Honorable Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce - Declaration of Regional Fishing Disaster 5/23/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on President Trump's Budget Proposal 5/22/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Federal Transit Administrations Approval of CalTrain Electrification Project Funding 5/12/17 Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Help Cities in Riverside County 5/04/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement Ahead of US House of Representatives Vote on TrumpCare 5/03/17 Letter to the Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States - Paris Climate Agreement 4/28/17 Governor Brown Signs Landmark Transportation Funding Package 4/27/17 Pacific Coast Governors Issue Statement on Presidential Executive Order on Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling 4/20/17 Mexico and Canada Join Growing Under2 Climate Coalition 4/19/17 Governor Brown Welcomes Sweden to Under2 Climate Coalition 4/07/17 Governor Brown Lifts Drought Emergency, Retains Prohibition on Wasteful Practices 3/28/17 California Governor Brown and New York Governor Cuomo Reaffirm Commitment to Exceeding Targets of the Clean Power Plan 3/22/17 Joint Statement Regarding the Clean Power Plan By the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California, and the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles 3/19/17 Letter to the Honorable Donald J Trump, President of the United States - Presidential Major Disaster Declaration Request 3/19/17 Governor Brown Requests Presidential Major Disaster Declaration Due to February Storms, Damage to Oroville Dam Spillway 3/15/17 California Leaders Blast Cynical Ploy by Trump Administration, Automobile Manufacturers to Roll Back America's Car Pollution Standards 3/15/17 Letter to Mitch Bainwol, President and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and John Bozzella, President and CEO of the Association of Global Automakers - Decision to Weaken Emission Standards 3/15/17 Letter to the Honorable Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency - President Trump's Decision to Weaken Emission Standards 3/07/17 Governor Brown Declares State of Emergency, Requests Presidential Major Disaster Declaration Due to Recent Storms 2/24/17 Letter to The President of the United States - Infrastructure Improvement Priority Projects 2/24/17 Governor Brown Takes Action to Bolster Dam Safety and Repair Transportation and Water Infrastructure 2/24/17 Letter to Mr Ted Boling, Acting Chair of the Council of Environmental Quality - Infrastructure Improvement Priority Projects 2/23/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy 2/22/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of CHP Officer 2/20/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of Whittier Police Officer 2/14/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on FEMA Approval of Oroville Spillway and January Storm Presidential Disaster Declaration Requests 2/12/17 Governor Brown Issues Emergency Order to Help Response to Situation at Oroville Dam

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