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5/27/05 Governor Napolitano Urges Congress to Protect Funding of Veterans Homes 5/25/05 Governor Awarded $2.24 Million to Arizona Schools 5/24/05 Governor Napolitano Announces 2005 Homeland Security Allocations 5/20/05 Governor Delivers Tax Relief to Arizona Corporations 5/18/05 Governor's 9-11 Memorial Commission Continues Phone Drive to Support "Let Freedom Ring" 5/17/05 Governor Names 92 Arizonans to Boards, Commissions 5/13/05 Northern Arizona University Commencement Address 5/02/05 Summary of Reported First-Year Results from Arizona Nickel Plus Initiative 4/28/05 Governor Commemorates "Workers' Memorial Day" 4/21/05 Governor Prepares Arizona Communities for Fire Season 4/18/05 Governor Names New Advisor for Mexico, Latin American Affairs 3/18/05 Governor Appoints New Department of Revenue Director 3/10/05 Governor Napolitano Appoints New DPS Director 2/28/05 CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight - Transcript 2/10/05 Establishing Equity In Contracting With The State Of Arizona 2/09/05 Governor Coaches ASU Women's Basketball Vs. USC 2/08/05 Governor Asks Feds to Take Illegal Immigrant Inmantes 1/10/05 Arizona State of the State Address 2005 10/14/04 Open Letter to the Arizona State University Communitiy 10/08/04 Governor's Reaction to Presidential Debate 10/05/04 Governor's Reaction to Vice Presidential Debate 7/28/04 National Public Radio (NPR) Transcript - All Things Considered 7/27/04 Governor Janet Napolitano At The Democratic National Convention in Boston 7/22/04 National Public Radio (NPR) Transcript - Morning Edition 7/18/04 NBC News Transcripts - Sunday Today 6/03/04 Letter to Director of the Arizona Department of Administration Betsey Bayless 5/19/04 CNNFN Lou Dobbs Tonight Transcript 5/18/04 CNBC Capital Report Transcript 5/05/04 Weekly Press briefing - Copper Card 5/01/04 Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary 4/22/04 Remarks to supporters of the national Task Force on Public Education 4/13/04 Letter to Department of Public Safety Director, Governor's Office of Highway Safety Director, and Department of Liquor Licenses and Control Director 3/23/04 Letter to Chairman of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission Sue Chilton 3/10/04 Letter to Assistant Attorney General R. Alexander Acosta 3/08/04 Remarks to media on the Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel preliminary report on events leading to the Lewis Prison standoff 2/25/04 Letter to George W. Bush 2/25/04 Remarks to media on a new genealogy tool provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services 2/21/04 Weekly Democratic Radio Response 2/14/04 Dedication of a Memorial to former U.S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater 2/03/04 Remarks to news media on the end of the Lewis Prison standoff 2/03/04 MSNBC Hardball - Transcript 2/03/04 NPR News Special - Transcript 2/02/04 The New York Times Editorial - How to Win My State 2/01/04 NBC Sunday Today - Transcript 2/01/04 CNN Late Edition - Transcript 1/29/04 CNN Inside Politics - Transcript 1/24/04 Statements from Governor and Corrections Director Regarding Development of Sam Lewis Prison 1/15/04 NPR All Things Considered - Transcript 1/14/04 Rotary Club of Tucson 1/12/04 State of the State Address

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