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12/14/12 Ink Supplier Expanding Operations in Burke County 12/12/12 Gov. Perdue Announces Key Step To Develop Offshore Energy 12/11/12 Gov. Perdue's Statement on Race to the Top Grants 10/29/12 North Carolina Receives Federal Grant to Increase Small Business Exports 10/18/12 Governor Perdue Funds Pre-K Expansion to Cover Up to 6,300 Additional Children 9/10/12 Join Me in Honoring Veterans and Military Families for September 11 Day of Service and Remembrance 9/04/12 Gov. Bev Perdue DNC 2012 Speech 9/02/12 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript 8/27/12 Gov. Perdue Welcomes Students Back to School Today 8/23/12 Gov. Perdue Announces that "Status of Women in North Carolina' Report Details Significant Social and Economic Advances, but Challenges Remain 8/21/12 Gov. Perdue's Statement on Court of Appeals Decision Regarding N.C. Pre-K 8/01/12 Gov. Perdue Takes Action on Remaining Four Bills 8/01/12 Gov. Perdue Echoes Sen. Graham, Urges Mitt Romney to Support a Balanced Plan to Avoid Damaging Cuts to the Military, Schools, and Other Priorities 7/30/12 Gov. Perdue to Attend Briefing about Sequestration 7/27/12 Gov. Perdue: House Bill 1009 Will Become Law Without Signature 7/25/12 N.C. Film Production for 2012 Already Exceeds 2011 Record-Setting Numbers 7/24/12 Gov. Perdue Signs Bill Aimed at Military Spouses 7/17/12 Gov. Perdue Signs 8 Bills 7/02/12 Gov. Perdue's Statement on Fracking Override 7/02/12 Gov. Perdue's Statement on Budget Override 7/01/12 Gov. Perdue Vetoes Senate Bill 820 6/29/12 Gov. Perdue Vetoes Budget that Falls Short 6/28/12 Governor Perdue's Statement on the Affordable Care Act: 6/28/12 Gov. Perdue Seeks Bi-partisan Agreement to Invest in Schools, Jobs and Public Safety 6/28/12 Governor Vetoes Senate Bill 416 6/28/12 Gov. Perdue Renews Call for Bi-partisan Agreement to Invest in Schools, Jobs and Public Safety 6/22/12 Gov. Perdue's Statement on the Budget 6/14/12 Gov. Perdue's Statement on the Override of House Bill 7 6/11/12 Gov. Perdue: Senate Budget Means More Pink Slips for Teachers 6/08/12 Gov. Perdue: Legislature Must Act to Rescue Our Schools 6/07/12 Gov. Perdue Proposes Funding to Protect Schools 6/06/12 Gov. Perdue Signs Cherokee Economic Development Legislation 6/06/12 Gov. Perdue Announces $21.4 Million in Grants to Prevent, Reduce Crime 6/04/12 Investing in Education: N.C. House Education Cuts 6/04/12 Perdue Challenges Tillis' Description of Recovery Money 6/04/12 Perdue: "We Can't Starve Our Schools of Resources and then Expect Reform Efforts Magically to Produce Results." 5/31/12 Gov. Perdue Today Issued the Following Statement Regarding the House Budget 5/30/12 Gov. Perdue Announces State Awards to Help Local Governments with Parks and Recreation Projects 5/30/12 Farm Service Agency Office Spared After Gov. Perdue Fights Closing 5/27/12 Gov. Perdue Proclaims May 27 to June 2 Hurricane Preparedness Week 5/23/12 Gov. Perdue, Cherokee Sign Amended Compact 5/21/12 Gov. Perdue Signs Executive Order 118 5/15/12 Tourism Day to Mark Travel Industry's Record Impact on N.C. Economy 5/14/12 Governor Perdue Announces Record Level of Exports from NC 5/10/12 Governor Perdue's Budget Focuses on Investing in Our Future 5/04/12 The Sylva Herald - Lt. Gov. Dalton Visits Sylva 5/02/12 Governor Perdue to Invest in Film Industry Workforce Development Initiative in Budget 4/30/12 Governor Perdue Will Include $10 Million in Her Budget Proposal to Support, Expand Reading Diagnostic Program 4/26/12 Governor Perdue's Budget Will Help Create Jobs and Boost N.C. Manufacturing 4/25/12 Governor Bev Perdue Will Propose $10.3 million in This Year's Budget for Eugenics-Related Efforts

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