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10/05/12 The Squeeze on Working People 6/01/12 This Week in Washington 5/17/12 This Week in Washington 5/04/12 This Week in Washington 3/23/12 This Week in Washington 3/09/12 This Week in Washington 3/06/12 Letter to Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, Majority Leader Cantor, and Democratic Whip Hoyer 1/27/12 This Week in Washington 1/20/12 Stand up to China and See American-Made Solar Panels Power the World 1/06/12 Rep. Kissell Meets with Scotland County Chamber of Commerce to Discuss Exports 12/30/11 This Week in Washington 10/14/11 This Week in Washington 10/12/11 United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act 10/12/11 United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act 10/12/11 In Opposition to the Trade Agreements 10/12/11 In Opposition to the Trade Agreements 10/07/11 This Week in Washington 9/09/11 This Week in Washington 8/19/11 This Week in Washington 6/17/11 This Week In Washington 6/16/11 Congressman Kissell Warns Trade Deals Likely Before End of July 4/15/11 This Week in Washington 3/16/11 KOREA FTA: A Bad Deal for the U.S. 3/10/11 Congressman Kissell and Textile Manufacturers Lead Fight against Korean Free Trade Agreement 1/19/11 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - China Unfair Trade Practices 1/18/11 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States 12/08/10 Kissell Fights to Protect American Manufacturing Jobs 9/28/10 Letter to The President 8/10/10 Letter to The Honorable Masayuki Naoshima, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan 7/28/10 This Week in Washington 7/23/10 This Week in Washington 7/16/10 This Week in Washington 6/04/10 This Week in Washington 6/01/10 Congressman Kissell Introduces Textile Enforcement and Security Act 5/28/10 This Week in Washington 3/15/10 Congressman Kissell Calls For Repeal Of NAFTA 3/10/10 This Week In Washington 3/04/10 Letter To The Honorable Timothy Geithner, Secretary, U.S. Department Of Treasury; The Honorable Gary Locke, Secretary, U.S. Department Of Commerce 6/11/09 Hearing of the House Committee on Agriculture - Pending Climate Legislation 7/16/08 Fayetteville Observer - Kissell: Things Worse Than in 2006 6/25/08 John Edwards Was Right 6/11/08 Hayes Plays Politics While Chinese Continue Assault on American Workers 4/24/08 The Nation - "Mill Hill Populism" 2/26/08 The Post - "Kissell Files for U.S. Congress" 7/27/07 Hayes' Chinese Delivery Menu 9/01/06 It Takes Courage to Face Unemployment 7/27/06 Still No Straight Answer from Robin Hayes on Why He Voted for CAFTA 7/25/06 Even MORE out of work in the 8th District 7/21/06 Trade "Concessions" Prove Useless to Stop Flood of Chinese Textiles from Oman 7/20/06 Kissell Keeps Hayes Honest on Newest Trade Bill

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