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9/28/10 Letter to The President 8/04/10 Northwest Indiana Times - Ellsworth Offers Plan to Change Washington 7/21/10 Ellsworth Votes to Help U.S Manufacturers Compete in the Global Economy 7/21/10 Ellsworth on Wall Street Reform Signing: Middle Class Hoosiers Investors Score Victory over Wall Street Lobbyists 7/16/10 Letter to the Honorable Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Honorable Edolphus Towns, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform 7/15/10 Ellsworth Applauds Senate for Passing Financial Reform 7/15/10 Ellsworth: "Our Veterans Deserve Better" 7/14/10 Ellsworth Calls for Prompt and Thorough Investigation of BP's Alleged Involvement in the Release of Convicted Lockerbie Bomber al-Megrahi 7/04/10 Ellsworth Raises Awareness of New Law to Protect First Responders 7/01/10 Ellsworth Introduces Bill to Open High-Risk Pools to Chronically-Ill Patients Who Have Run Out of COBRA 6/29/10 The Journal Gazette: Help Small Business on Ellsworth Agenda 6/28/10 Ellsworth Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Protect Hoosiers' 2nd Amendment Rights 6/24/10 Ellsworth Supports DISCLOSE Act to Bring Transparency and Accountability to Campaign Finance 6/17/10 Ellsworth Votes for Small Business Loans and Tax Relief 5/18/10 NRA-Backed Ellsworth Amendment to Re-sell Used Small Arms Ammunition is Included in DOD Authorization 5/06/10 Home Star Energy Retrofit Act Of 2010 5/06/10 Ellsworth Language To Reduce Wasteful Government Spending Passes House 4/28/10 Implementing Management For Performance And Related Reforms To Obtain Value In Every Acquisition Act Of 2010 4/28/10 Ellsworth Provision To Crack Down On Contractor Tax Cheats Passes House 417-3 4/28/10 Ellsworth Provision To Crack Down On Contractor Tax Cheats Passes House 417-3 4/27/10 Ellsworth Urges Senate To Work Together To Pass Real Financial Reform 2/26/10 Ellsworth Introduces Payroll Tax Credit Bill To Spur Job Creation 1/25/10 Letter To The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President Of The United States 1/20/10 Obama Calls On Congress To Pass Ellsworth Bill To Crackdown On Tax Cheats 1/01/10 Issue Position: Health Care 12/14/09 Cuttings Taxes For Small Businesses 11/24/09 Move Over For Law Enforcement 11/19/09 Does The IRS Owe You Money? 11/19/09 Ellsworth Backs Bill To Prevent Medicare Cuts 11/13/09 Ellsworth Reminds Seniors About Medicare Enrollment Period 11/07/09 Affordable Health Care For America Act 11/07/09 Ellsworth Statement On Affordable Health Care For America Act 10/30/09 Answering Your Questions About Health Care Reform And Medicare 10/30/09 Ellsworth Studying New Health Care Overhaul 10/29/09 Small Business Financing And Investment Act Of 2009 10/23/09 Congress Authorizes Defense Programs At Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center 10/19/09 Op Ed: Time Is Running Out To Claim The Homebuyer Tax Credit 10/15/09 Ellsworth Calls For Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension 10/06/09 Op-Ed: Standing Up For Seniors 10/01/09 As Debate Heats Up, Ellsworth Calls For Return To Civility 9/21/09 Op Ed: Powering The Economy Through Education 9/15/09 Recognizing The Importance And Sustainability Of The United States Hardwoods Industry 8/04/09 New GI Bill Began Saturday, August 1st 7/22/09 Ellsworth Applauds House Passage of Mandatory PAYGO 7/08/09 Part B Amendment No. 6 Offered by Mr. Garrett of New Jersey 6/25/09 Ellsworth Backs Contracting Reform In Defense Authorization Act 6/18/09 House Approves Funds For Civic Center Security Improvements, Program For Local At-Risk Children 6/15/09 E-Letter To Constituents 6/11/09 Hearing of the House Committee on Agriculture - Pending Climate Legislation 6/09/09 Ellsworth Backs Statutory PAYGO

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