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12/16/10 Restore Online Shoppers' Confidence Act 10/27/10 Major Progress Made Toward Bringing 4000 Jobs To Southern Ohio 10/26/10 Congressman Space And Secretary Of Agriculture Hold Discussion On America's Biggest Solar Farm And Its 600 Jobs 10/15/10 Space Announces Vote On Relief For Seniors 10/15/10 Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of The United States - Opposing Social Security Cuts 9/30/10 Space Combats China's Job-Killing Policies 9/29/10 Space Calls for National Referendum on Every Trade Agreement 9/28/10 Space: Don't Cut Seniors Off 9/28/10 Letter to The President 9/23/10 Space Votes for Badly Needed Tax Cuts for Small Businesses 9/17/10 Space to Commission: Do Not Even Give One Millisecond of Thought about Cutting Social Security 9/16/10 Space Condemns China's Job-killing Currency Manipulation 8/31/10 Space Forces IRS to Reverse Their Plan to Tax Bonuses of Ohio Veterans 8/30/10 Space Outraged at News That the IRS May Tax Ohio Veterans' Bonuses 8/24/10 Space Welcomes Race to the Top Funds for Ohio Schools 8/11/10 Space Votes for Greater Border Security 8/10/10 Space lands in Washington to Shut Down Egregious Outsourcing of Jobs 8/06/10 More than 300 Teachers' Jobs in Ohio's 18th Congressional District to be Saved Just in Time for School 8/03/10 Space celebrates one-year anniversary of New GI Bill Benefits 7/29/10 Space: Make It in America 7/28/10 Space Blasts Boehner Proposal to Cut $62 Million in Veterans Funding 7/22/10 Space: Prosecute Foreign Manufacturers for Crimes Against Americans 7/20/10 Space: Today, the Senate Finally Stopped Holding Hostage Ohioan's Ability to Provide for Their Families 7/16/10 Space: Senate has Once Again Ignored the Needs of Ohio Families 7/14/10 Space to Obama: Hear Ohioans' Concerns on Unfair Trade Agreements 7/13/10 Space Applauds VA Move Benefiting Soldiers with PTSD 7/06/10 Space Highlights Job Creation at Cadiz Coal Miner Training Program 7/05/10 We Cannot Afford to Sell Out Our Seniors 7/02/10 Space to Senate: The American People Are Waiting on You 7/02/10 Letter to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury - Anshan Iron and Steel Group 7/02/10 Space to Senate: The American People Are Waiting on You 7/01/10 Space to Republicans: Hands Off Social Security; Forcing Our Seniors to Work Until 70 is an Insult 6/30/10 Space Stands with Main Street Ohioans Targeted by a Reckless Wall Street 6/28/10 Space: Supreme Court Today Stood With Every Constitution-Loving American 6/24/10 Space: Foreign Companies and Special Interests Should Never Trump the Voices of Individual Ohioans 6/21/10 Space Cuts Through Bureaucratic Red Tape, Delivers Funding for Richard Downing Airport 6/21/10 Letter to President Colom 6/18/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Not to not to veto the National Defense Authorization Act Veto the National Defense Authorization Act 6/16/10 Letter to Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency 6/14/10 Space Statement on Flotilla Incident 6/11/10 Signs of Renewal - An Update on My Fighting to Renew Ohio Tour 6/03/10 Space Spotlights Need to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes that Ship Jobs Overseas 5/31/10 Giving Thanks for Those Who Protect our Freedoms 5/28/10 Space to U.S. Senate: Finish the Work of the American People 5/25/10 Space Welcomes Major Job-Creating Investment in USEC 5/25/10 Letter to Sander Levin, Chairman Committee on Ways and Means - Renewable Energy Tax Legislation 5/24/10 Fourth Fighting to Renew Ohio Stop Highlights Job Creation in Energy Efficiency 5/24/10 Letter to Sander Levin, Chairman Committee on Ways and Means and David Camp, Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee - Provisions in Renewable Energy Tax Legislation 5/11/10 Letter to Ms. Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - The War on Coal by EPA Regulations 5/11/10 Space: We Must Make Ohio Manufacturers More Competitive And Improve Our Economy

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