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4/12/17 Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Enacting First-in-the-Nation Excelsior Scholarship Program to Provide Tuition-Free College to Middle-Class Families 11/09/16 Vox.com - Transcript: Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech 11/03/16 Remarks Alongside Alicia Machado in Dade City, FL 11/01/16 Remarks in Cincinnati on Gun Control and National Security 10/23/16 McGinty Campaigns with Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine in Philadelphia 10/21/16 Issue Position: Campus Sexual Assault 10/21/16 Issue Position: Campaign Finance Reform 10/21/16 Issue Position: Autism 10/19/16 Full Transcript: Third 2016 Presidential Debate 10/13/16 Remarks Alongside Al Gore in Miami on Climate Change 10/09/16 Transcript of the Second Debate 10/03/16 Remarks in Charlotte, North Carolina on Reforming Criminal Justice and Providing Equal Opportunity 9/30/16 Remarks in Florida on a Renewed Commitment to National Service 9/26/16 The First Trump - Clinton Presidential Debate Transcript 9/21/16 Remarks in Orlando on Protecting the Rights of People with Disabilities 9/19/16 Remarks in Philadelphia 9/19/16 Remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner in Washington, D.C. 9/16/16 Remarks on Trump's bigotry at the Black Women's Agenda Symposium 9/16/16 Remarks in Greensboro, NC 9/15/16 Remarks on Trump's Birtherism and Divisive Rhetoric at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 9/10/16 Read Hillary Clinton's "Basket of Deplorables' Remarks About Donald Trump Supporters 9/08/16 Remarks at a Voter Registration Event in Charlotte, NC 9/08/16 Read Hillary Clinton's Press Conference About the Foreign Policy Forum 9/08/16 Remarks at the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City, MO 9/07/16 Time - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Remarks at NBC Commander in Chief Forum 8/31/16 Issue Position: Small business 8/31/16 Issue Position: Paid family and medical leave 8/31/16 Issue Position: Social Security and Medicare 8/31/16 Issue Position: Rural communities 8/31/16 Issue Position: Manufacturing 8/31/16 Issue Position: Technology and Innovation 8/31/16 Issue Position: Wall Street reform 8/31/16 Issue Position: Fixing America's infrastructure 8/31/16 Issue Position: An economy that works for everyone 8/31/16 Issue Position: Jobs and wages 8/31/16 Issue Position: K-12 education 8/31/16 Issue Position: Veterans, the armed forces, and their families 8/31/16 Issue Position: Making college debt-free and taking on student debt 8/31/16 Issue Position: Workforce skills and job training 8/31/16 Issue Position: Military and Defense 8/31/16 Issue Position: Labor and worker's rights 8/31/16 Issue Position: Addiction and substance use 8/31/16 Issue Position: Combating terrorism and keeping the homeland safe 8/31/16 Issue Position: A fair tax system 8/31/16 Issue Position: Voting Rights 8/31/16 Issue Position: Climate Change 8/31/16 Issue Position: Early childhood education 8/31/16 Remarks to the American Legion in Cincinnati, OH 8/31/16 Issue Position: An end to Alzheimer's disease 8/25/16 Remarks on Trump's Prejudice and Paranoia in Reno, NV

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