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10/19/16 Full Transcript: Third 2016 Presidential Debate 9/26/16 The First Trump - Clinton Presidential Debate Transcript 8/31/16 Issue Position: Jobs and wages 8/31/16 Issue Position: Manufacturing 7/30/16 Remarks Contrasting 100 Day Job Plan with Trump's Record of Outsourcing in Johnstown, PA 6/14/16 Remarks Condemning Donald Trump's Response to the Orlando Shooting 5/03/16 Remarks on Jobs and the Economy in Athens, Ohio 4/26/16 Remarks on Strengthening Manufacturing 3/13/16 Full Rush Transcript Hillary Clinton Part - CNN TV One Democratic Presidential Town Hall 2/05/16 Issue Position: Social Security and Medicare 2/04/16 Transcript: MSNBC Democratic Candidates Debate 1/01/16 Issue Position: Small Business 1/01/16 Issue Position: Manufacturing 11/30/12 Remarks at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy 2012 Saban Forum Opening Gala Dinner 11/29/12 Remarks at the Foreign Policy Group's "Transformational Trends 2013" Forum 11/17/12 Delivering on the Promise of Economic Statecraft 11/17/12 Meeting With Embassy Singapore Staff and Their Families 11/15/12 Remarks at Techport Australia 11/14/12 Remarks at the Opening of the AUSMIN Ministerial 11/14/12 Meets with Staff and Families of Mission Perth 9/20/12 Remarks at the Global Infrastructure Conference 9/13/12 Remarks at the Opening Plenary of the U.S.-Morocco Strategic Dialogue 9/09/12 Press Availability in Vladivostok, Russia 9/08/12 Remarks at APEC CEO Summit 9/07/12 On the Occasion of Andorra's National Day 9/07/12 Meeting With the Staff and Families of Embassy Bandar Seri Begawan 8/07/12 Remarks at Meeting With U.S. and South African Business Leaders 8/07/12 Remarks with South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane After Their Meeting 8/06/12 Remarks at the U.S.-South Africa Business Partnership Summit 7/18/12 Colombia's Independence Day 7/13/12 Remarks at the U.S.-ASEAN Business Forum 7/10/12 Remarks at American Chamber of Commerce Reception and Commercial Signings 7/09/12 Meets with the Staff and Families of Embassy Ulaanbaatar 6/28/12 Press Availability With Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics 6/20/12 The Wall Street Journal - Trade With Russia Is a Win-Win 6/14/12 Remarks at the African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum to Mark Global Economic Statecraft Day 6/06/12 Remarks With Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov 6/05/12 Remarks With Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili 6/05/12 Remarks at Omnibus Session of the Strategic Partnership Commission 6/03/12 Meeting with Embassy Staff and Their Families 5/08/12 Remarks With Indian External Affairs Minister Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna 5/07/12 NDTV' "We The People - Transcript 5/06/12 Interview With Ms. Mooni Saha, and Mr. Ejaj Ahmed At a Townterview with Bangladeshi Youth 4/13/12 U.S. Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty With the United Kingdom 4/12/12 Remarks at the White House Conference on Connecting the Americas 4/10/12 Forrestal Lecture at the Naval Academy 4/09/12 Remarks to the U.S.-Brazil Partnership for the 21st Century 3/31/12 Meeting With Embassy Staff and Their Families 3/15/12 U.S.- Korea Free Trade Agreement Takes Effect 3/07/12 Remarks at the U.S. Institute of Peace China Conference

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