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Michele Bachmann's Public Statements on Issue: Employment and Affirmative Action

Date Title
April 3, 2014 Save American Workers Act of 2014
Jan. 28, 2014 Bachmann Responds to the State of the Union
Jan. 27, 2014 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript: Sanders and Bachmann Discuss Entitlements and Raising the Minimum Wage
Sept. 12, 2012 Minnesota Education Investment and Employment Act
July 6, 2012 Bachmann Releases Statement on Latest Unemployment Numbers
May 18, 2012 The Bachmann Bulletin - Politico: GOP: Real Party of U.S. Women
Oct. 18, 2011 CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate
Sept. 8, 2011 Fox News "On the Record with Greta van Susteren" - Transcript
Sept. 7, 2011 Republican Debate at the Reagan Presidential Library
Sept. 5, 2011 GOP Presidential Forum
Aug. 19, 2011 ICYMI Bachmann Wraps Up Palmetto State Swing -- Delivers Conservative Message to Carolinians
Aug. 17, 2011 Bachmann Responds to President Obama's New Jobs Plan
Dec. 7, 2010 Bachmann Reacts to Tax Compromise
Aug. 19, 2010 The Minnesota Independent - Bachmann Targeted in Social Security Anti-Privatization Ad
Aug. 17, 2010 Will More Tax Dollars Go to Unions?
May 28, 2010 Halt Pay Raises for Federal Employees
May 26, 2010 Rep. Bachmann Announces This Week's Winning YouCut Proposal to Eliminate Federal Employee Pay Raise
May 13, 2010 Blog - Fake Jobs Cost Us Real Jobs
May 12, 2010 Blog - Medical Device Manufacturers Taking a Hit
June 1, 2009 Cops, Teachers, And Small Businesses Take The Hit
June 1, 2009 Cops, Teachers, And Small Businesses Take The Hit
May 29, 2009 St. Cloud Times Op-Ed: Obama's auto takeover shocks
May 26, 2009 Bachmann Bulletin: Car Dealerships Getting Pink Slips From the Federal Government
March 18, 2009 Bachmann Calls Scandalous AIG Bonuses an Expectable Outgrowth
March 2, 2009 St. Cloud Times: Washington Must Cut, Just As America Has
Feb. 26, 2009 Bachmann Supports Workers' Right to Secret Ballot
Feb. 13, 2009 Bachmann Opposes So-Called "Stimulus" Package
Jan. 9, 2009 Trial Lawyers Win Big
Nov. 24, 2008 Checking Out "Card Check"
Nov. 21, 2008 Wall Street Journal - For UAW, Aid Likely to Come With Strings
July 30, 2007 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2007
March 1, 2007 Bachmann Votes to Protect Workers Rights
Issue Position: Achieving Affordable Energy
Issue Position: Repeal Job Killing Regulations
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