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10/09/12 FMA PAC Endorses Connie Mack 10/05/12 Mack and Engel: Administration, Western Hemisphere Governments Must Defend Democracy in Venezuelan Election 9/13/12 Democracy Under Attack in Venezuela 9/13/12 Letter to President Obama 9/12/12 Mack Condemns Attack on U.S. Ambassador, Diplomats in Libya 9/12/12 Mack Backs Bill to Prevent More Toxic Drywall in Florida 9/11/12 Mack: This Day is a Day of Remembrance 9/10/12 ObamaCare 9/07/12 The Nelson-Obama Record -- 43rd Month of Stagnant Job Growth Strangled Economy Can't Breathe Under Shackles of ObamaCare and Wasteful Government Spending 9/06/12 Mack: "Barack Obama and Bill Nelson Must Share the Blame for Removing the Issue of Jerusalem from Their Platform." 9/06/12 Letter to Senator Nelson 9/05/12 Bill Nelson Dances the Night Away in Charlotte While His Stimulus Programs and ObamaCare Send National Debt Soaring to Over $16 Trillion 9/05/12 In Pensacola Today, Nelson on Hot Seat on Reckless Endangerment of National Defense 9/04/12 Mack to Obama: "You Can't Call "Time-Out' on National Security" 8/30/12 Prepared Remarks of U.S. Senate Candidate Congressman Connie Mack August 30, 2012 Republican National Convention 8/27/12 After Falling in Lockstep with President Obama and Killing the Keystone Pipeline, Nelson Awarded Sierra Club Endorsement 8/23/12 Bill Nelson Voted to Gut U.S. Military 8/22/12 Mack on CBO Report: Nelson-Obama Policies Have Put Us On the Brink 8/20/12 Mack: Neither Biden Nor Akin Comments Have Place In American Political Discourse 8/14/12 GOP Unites Behind Mack 8/13/12 Mack Comments on Holder Suit: It is Inexcusable that it has Reached this Point 8/11/12 Mack Salutes Romney Pick of Ryan as "The Right Choice To Put Our Nation Back on the Road to Prosperity and Security" 8/09/12 Nelson's Nonsense 8/03/12 The Nelson-Obama Record - Another Month of Rising Unemployment 8/02/12 Mack Calls for Prioritizing U.S. Security with Mexico 8/01/12 Mack: The American People Don't Want Bigger Government and Higher Taxes 8/01/12 Mack Votes to Strengthen Iran Sanctions 7/31/12 District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 7/31/12 Mack Takes a Stand on Ecuador 7/28/12 Mack: "Nelson's Silence Is Deafening on Holder" 7/27/12 The Nelson-Obama Malaise -- 1.5% Growth in the Second Quarter 7/26/12 Nelson Breaks Ranks With Himself on Taxes 7/19/12 Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States 7/11/12 The Nelson-Obama Team Remains In Lockstep With Chavez 7/11/12 Mack: ObamaCare Must Be Repealed, Replaced and Never Allowed to Happen Again 7/09/12 Nelson-Obama Again Declare Class Warfare in Disgraceful Election Year Ploy 7/06/12 The Nelson-Obama Malaise -- 8.2% Permanent Unemployment 6/29/12 Mack Says No Again to Washington Budget Gimmicks 6/29/12 Freedom of Expression Under Attack in Venezuela 6/28/12 In Wake of Court Ruling, Mack Introduces Two Bills to Halt All Implementation of ObamaCare and Repeal It 6/28/12 Mack: "Bill Nelson Always Knew ObamaCare Was A Tax." 6/28/12 Mack Votes in Favor of Contempt Measure Against Holder 6/27/12 Nelson, Lockstep Liberals Torpedo Keystone XL Pipeline 6/20/12 Mack: "What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?" 6/20/12 Mack: Hold AG Holder In Contempt 6/20/12 Mack Statement on LeMieux Withdrawal 6/11/12 Mack Reacts to Castro Regime's Arresting and Beating of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Witness 6/07/12 Mack Recognizes Creation of Pacific Alliance Trade Bloc 6/07/12 Mack Introduces Bill Calling for the Freedom of Dr. Afridi 6/01/12 Mack Statement on Sex-Selection Abortion

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