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2/15/18 Hatch Urges Continued Discussion of Solutions in Wake of Florida Shooting 2/15/18 Tweet - "HATCH on Florida shooting: "Too often, tragedies such as these lead us into unproductive, partisan foxholes. But I believe we can find common ground as we address the underlying problems at the root of these horrific acts." #utpol" 2/14/18 Tweet - "Don't Let Criminals Hide Their Data Overseas" White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert and UK Deputy National Security Advisor Paddy McGuinness wrote an op-ed together is support of the CLOUD Act. " 2/14/18 Hearing of the Senate Finance Committee - Opening Statement by Sen. Hatch, Hearing on the President's Fiscal Year 2019 Budget 2/14/18 Hatch Introduces Financial Regulatory Relief Bill 2/14/18 Hatch Files Merit-Based Amendments to Senate Immigration Bill 2/14/18 Tweet - "NEWS: This morning Senator Hatch filed a number of merit-based immigration amendments for the Senate to consider this week as they work toward a much-needed #DACA fix. #ISquared" 2/13/18 Tweet - "Students at Brown University are demanding @guypbenson be prevented from speaking because his ideas are "dangerous." The real danger lies in limiting discourse, and secluding ourselves among ideas we already agree with in educational institutions." 2/13/18 Hatch Touts Business Tax Reform at Tax Policy Center 2/13/18 Hatch Facilitates Land Transfer to USU's Space Dynamics Lab 2/13/18 Tweet - "Perhaps they should give this a read -- While the bill relates to public universities, it's clear our more sensitive friends at Brown would benefit from a discussion about the merit of exposure to diverse opinions and ideas." 2/12/18 Tweet - "It's Too Hard to Search the Cloud: Congress takes up international conflicts of law in cyberspace. Great op-ed from Michael Chertoff of the @ChertoffGroup on the bipartisan #CLOUDact " 2/12/18 Tweet - "Our nation's students are at the forefront of a technological revolution that is expanding our ability to assert our First Amendment rights. I am deeply concerned, however, that college administrators are not following the same trend." #utpol 2/12/18 Hatch Statement on the President's Fiscal Year 2019 Budget 2/12/18 Tweet - "Tonight the Senate voted 97-1 to begin debating critical fixes to our immigration system, including a path forward on #DACA. Senator Hatch spoke about his merit-based immigration proposal, and why it needs to be a part of the discussion. #utpol #ISquared" 2/12/18 Tweet - "This week we'll be discussing a number of ways to fix our immigration system and find a path forward on #DACA. Any serious proposals should include these merit-based reforms members of both parties have called for and supported. #Isquared #utpol" 2/09/18 Tweet - "NEWS: the funding bill and 10-year Children's Health Insurance Program extension has been signed into law. #utpol" 2/08/18 Hatch Statement on Intent of President Trump to Nominate Chuck Rettig to Lead the IRS 2/08/18 Hatch Secures 10-Year Chip Extension in Funding Bill 2/08/18 As a result of #TaxReform they're raising starting salaries and providing paid parental leave for their 240,000 employees. 2/07/18 Fox News - America Needs a Merit-based Immigration System 2/07/18 Hatch Introduces Bill to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses 2/07/18 Protecting Free Speech Where It Matters Most, on the College Campus 2/06/18 Tweet - "HATCH, member of the US Holocaust Memorial Council, on Poland's controversial Holocaust bill: "It would be severely detrimental to those in Poland who want to learn from the dark lessons of the past and work towards a brighter future." #utpol" 2/06/18 Tweet - "What if we told you there was a merit-based immigration proposal out there that's already passed in the Senate once before, and would ensure our visa system focuses on the best and brightest, no matter their country of origin? #ISquared #utpol" 2/06/18 Hatch Statement on Poland's Controversial Holocaust Bill 2/06/18 Bipartisan Group Introduces CLOUD Act in House 2/06/18 Tweet - "In Utah, #TaxReform is continuing to help families in a number of ways. In addition to higher paychecks, many will now see lower gas bills from Dominion Power. #utpol" 2/06/18 Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Help Tech Companies Comply with Domestic and Foreign Criminal Investigations 2/06/18 Tweet - "An important read from @AlanDersh about Poland's Holocaust bill: "Trust the open marketplace of ideas, rather than the self-serving biases of bureaucrats, to arrive at the complex truth about this terrible period in Polish and Jewish history." 2/05/18 Tweet - "While the left and members of the media (who warned of tax hikes, armageddon, and "literal death") might sneer at working families for being excited about more financial freedom, these stories prove one undeniable fact: #TaxReform is working. #utpol" 2/05/18 Letter to Medicare, Medicaid, and Human Services Programs - Improve Medicare, Medicaid Responses to Opioid Epidemic 2/05/18 GAO Investigation Finds More Than 20,000 Serious Health and Safety Incidents in First-Ever National Assessment of Quality of Care in Assisted Living Facilities 2/03/18 Tweet - "Reax to this story give a fascinating view into how different groups see people. To partisans it's silly. "A Costco membership!? What about corporations?!" But to most, it's a woman who is just happy she can feed her family for less thanks to #TaxReform" 2/01/18 Tweet - "An article worth a thorough read and lots of shares: "Tax bill beginning to deliver bigger paychecks to workers" #TaxReform #utpol" 1/31/18 Tweet - "Flashback to one of last night's most powerful moments: Ji Seong-ho, raising the crutches he used to travel thousands of miles to find freedom after escaping from North Korea. "A testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom." #SOTU #utpol" 1/31/18 Tweet - "As the President said last night, we stand with the #IranProtests. @SenTomCotton and Senator Hatch just introduced a bill to help the people of #Iran hold oppressive leaders accountable." 1/31/18 POTUS: "Our Massive Tax Cuts Provide Tremendous Relief for the Middle Class and Small Business" 1/30/18 Hatch, Cotton Introduce Bill to Aid the People of Iran by Exposing Regime's Assets 1/30/18 Tweet - "We are appointing judges who will interpret the constitution as written." And the Senate is confirming them at a record pace. #SOTU #utpol 1/30/18 TIME - Sens. Hatch and Wyden: What the CHIP Deal Can Teach Us About Bipartisanship 1/30/18 Tweet - "Let's invest in workforce development, and lets invest in job training." Senator Hatch's #ISquared bill adds nearly a billion dollars in new funding for STEM education and worker training programs without raising a single cent in taxes. #SOTU #utpol" 1/30/18 Tweet - "Millions of Americans have already received bonuses as a result of #TaxReform. #SOTU #utpol" 1/30/18 Tweet - "We are already seeing the incredibly positive impact of #TaxReform around the country, and will continue to see it for years to come. #SOTU" 1/30/18 Tweet - "Over the last few months we've seen incredible bravery from the #IranProtests. Yesterday Hatch joined @SenTomCotton in introducing a bill to support the Iranian people by exposing the Iranian governments corruption and profiteering." 1/30/18 Tweet - "Millions of Americans will have more take home pay, starting next month" thanks to #TaxReform. #SOTU #utpol" 1/30/18 Hatch Responds to President Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address 1/30/18 Hatch Statement on President Trump's State of the Union Address 1/30/18 Tweet - "As the President discusses merit-based immigration, take a look at the merit-based proposal Hatch and @JeffFlake proposed just last week! #Isquared #SOTU #utpol" 1/29/18 Tweet - "Today you'll hear Democrats call legislation banning abortion after 20 weeks "extreme." Are 63% of Americans "extreme" for thinking you shouldn't abort children when they can feel pain? "

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