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John Kerry's Public Statements

Date Title
March 20, 2007 Healthy Families Act
March 20, 2007 Kerry Addresses Climate Crisis Action Day Rally
March 20, 2007 Kerry Statement on Legislation Restricting Indefinite US Attorney Appointments
March 19, 2007 On Anniversary of Iraq War, Kerry Tells Bush: "Patience is not a strategy."
March 18, 2007 FOX Fox News Sunday-Transcript
March 16, 2007 Kerry Announces Support for Strengthened Freedom of Information Act
March 15, 2007 Kerry: 48 Senators Agree U.S. Needs a Deadline to Withdraw Troops from Iraq
March 15, 2007 Kerry Says Rove and Miers Must Clear the Air - Testify In Gonzales Probe
March 15, 2007 Kerry Pressures Coast Guard to Bid New Deepwater Contract
March 15, 2007 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions
March 14, 2007 Kerry Statement on Senate Democrats' Iraq Exit Strategy
March 14, 2007 Letter: To Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense
March 13, 2007 Iraq
March 13, 2007 Letter To Chairman, Ranking Member Committee On The Budget, Senators Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg
March 13, 2007 Letter to Senators Feinstein and Craig
March 12, 2007 Letter to Secretary Of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff
March 12, 2007 Kerry: I doubt ICE Has Any Real Idea About Who It's Detaining
March 12, 2007 Government Should Help Small Businesses Comply With The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
March 8, 2007 Kerry On Immigration Raid In New Bedford
March 8, 2007 Kerry: Senate Democrats United Behind Iraq Deadline Plan
March 8, 2007 Kerry Promotes Small Businesses Solutions to Climate Change
March 8, 2007 Kerry Opening Statement on Climate Change Hearing
March 8, 2007 Bipartisan legislation Would Extend Tax Incentives, Lower Energy Costs, Increase Energy Independence
March 8, 2007 Kerry on House Democrats' Deadline Proposal
March 8, 2007 Kerry Response to DirecTV-MLB Announcement
March 7, 2007 Kerry On New Bedford Immigration Raid That Left Dozens Of Children Stranded
March 7, 2007 Letter to Customs Enforcement Director Karyn Lang
March 7, 2007 Kerry, Dodd and Biden Pressure Pakistan on Al Qaeda
March 7, 2007 Kerry Praises Contributions of Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Promises Action to Aid Small Businesses
March 6, 2007 Kerry Statement on Libby Guilty Verdict
March 6, 2007 Kerry Supports Improved Fuel Economy Standards
March 6, 2007 Kerry Praises YouthBuild Students At Annual Leadership Conference; Vows To Continue Fight For Additional Funding
March 6, 2007 Kerry on New Bedford Immigration Raid
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