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12/19/11 Letter to Jim Buckmaster CEO, Craigslist, Inc. 1/25/11 Kerry Cosponsors Legislation to Strengthen Gun Safety and Protect Americans Across the Country 6/09/10 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Nomination Hearing for Representative Ellen Tauscher 4/16/09 Chairman Kerry To Seek Ratification Of Arms Trafficking Treaty 3/30/09 Prepared Opening Remarks of Senator John Kerry (D-Ma) at a Field Hearing on U.S.-Mexico Border Violence 7/31/08 In Speech on Terrorism, Kerry Responds to Sec. Gates' National Defense Strategy Assessment: "Guns and Bombs Alone Are Not Enough to Win the War of Ideas" 7/24/08 Kerry Statement On 10th Anniversary Of Capitol Police Shooting 3/27/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 10/14/04 Remarks by President Bush and Senator Kerry in the Third 2004 Presidential Debate Part II 9/10/04 Statement from John Kerry on the Assault Weapons Ban 3/02/04 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act 3/02/04 Statement by Senator John Kerry on Gun Safety Legislation 1/22/04 The Union Leader and ABC News Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate - Part 2 11/05/03 Presidential Candidates Forum on Women's Issues - Part 2 11/04/03 America Rocks the Vote Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum – Part 2 11/01/03 Statement from John Kerry on Howard Dean's Confederate Flag Statement 10/31/03 Statement from John Kerry in Iowa on Howard Dean's Position on Assault Weapons 9/09/03 Congressional Black Caucus Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate - Part 2

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