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11/10/17 "The Most Important Veteran in My Life' 11/09/17 Tweet - #Obama's Office of Air and Radiation in the @EPA was responsible for 95% of the annual regulatory burdens that the EPA forced onto our #economy, according to one report, costing the economy at least $41 billion. 11/09/17 Tweet - .@POTUS' nominees, like Mr. Wehrum, will continue the work of this @EPA to undo the damage of the #Obama Administration's overreach. 11/09/17 Tweet - Confirming @POTUS' talented nominees to the federal government will continue to be a priority of this #Senate, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to get this done. 11/09/17 Tweet - The @GOPSenFinance, under the leadership of Chairman @senorrinhatch, has put forward much needed #TaxReform that will give hard-working, middle-class families more money in their pockets, more economic opportunity and security, and more jobs here at home. 11/09/17 McConnell Says Tax Bill "A Big Step Forward In Turning The Ship Around For American Families' 11/09/17 Tweet - @EnergyGOP has unveiled legislation to generate a billion dollars of new revenue by further developing the oil and gas potential in #Alaska in an environmentally responsible way. 11/09/17 Senate Confirms Robert Duncan, Jr. of Kentucky to be U.S. Attorney 11/09/17 Tweet - Chairman @senorrinhatch & @GOPSenFinance will lay out the legislative proposal for #TaxReform. It's the product of a lot of hard work, and I look forward to its release later today. 11/08/17 Tweet - Today, House @WaysandMeansGOP will continue to markup its proposal for #TaxReform. I would like to again commend Chairman @RepKevinBrady for his good work on the plan. Their hearings this week are building momentum to accomplish our goals for the American people. 11/08/17 Tweet - "#TaxReform is our once-in-a-generation opportunity to help create #jobs, boost the #economy, and close special-interest loopholes." 11/08/17 Tweet - By lowering taxes across the board, we can help middle-class families keep more money in their pockets. By making the tax code fairer, we can support the millions of Americans who felt forgotten by the #economy over the past decade. #TaxReform 11/08/17 Tweet - I hope that #Senate Democrats will put partisanship aside and help us deliver real relief to families. I hope they will help us close loopholes that only benefit the elite. #TaxReform 11/08/17 Tweet - As we continue on #TaxReform, I urge Dems to join us. Many prominent Senate Ds have expressed support for tax reform and for many of our ideas. Our priorities haven't changed. The American people haven't stopped hurting either. What changed for Dems? 11/07/17 Tweet - #TaxReform represents the single most important action we can take today to support #SmallBusiness and the middle class. 11/07/17 Tweet - I had a great meeting with @POTUS' selection to lead the @federalreserve, Jay Powell, & I look forward to supporting his nomination. 11/07/17 Tweet - The House and the #Senate are continuing to move forward to deliver #TaxReform through both @WaysandMeansGOP and @GOPSenFinance 11/07/17 Tweet - Our complex tax code is in desperate need of reform, & we now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to overhaul it with #TaxReform. 11/06/17 Tweet - Confirming @POTUS' nominees is an important part of the #Senate's business, & I urge my colleagues to work together so we can get this done. 11/06/17 Tweet - Under @RepKevinBrady's leadership, the House @WaysandMeansGOP began marking up the #TaxReform legislation they unveiled last week. 11/06/17 Tweet - Families lost so much yesterday in #SutherlandSprings. Our hearts go to them in this time of untold grief. 11/06/17 Tweet - Exactly one week ago, I said the #Senate would confirm 4 excellent judicial nominees by the end of the week. That's exactly what happened. 11/06/17 Tweet - Last week, the #Senate was able to confirm 4 of @POTUS' judicial noms for lifetime positions on circuit courts 11/05/17 Tweet - Elaine & I join w fellow Senators in sending condolences to the Sutherland Springs community, our prayers are w the victims & their families 11/02/17 The Kentucky Standard - Helping those struggling with addiction 11/02/17 Tweet - The #Senate has confirmed 2 smart, strong, and talented women to serve on our nation's circuit courts this week, & today we'll confirm a 3rd 11/02/17 McConnell Statement on Jerome Powell 11/02/17 Tweet - When confirmed today, Justice Allison Eid will be the 1st female Coloradan to serve on the Tenth Circuit. 11/02/17 Tweet - Together w @POTUS & @ChuckGrassley, we'll continue to put judges on the courts who will uphold the law as it's written, not as they wish it. 11/02/17 Tweet - "#ICYMI #Senate Democrats claim your tax cut is a tax hike. That claim is immediately debunked." 11/02/17 McConnell Statement on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 11/02/17 Tweet - #TaxReform is the single most important thing we can do today to get the economy reaching for its true potential again. 11/01/17 Tweet - @SenToddYoung is right → "We do not have religious tests for office…period' 11/01/17 Tweet - .@POTUS has signed another CRA to overturn a reg that threatened to drive up costs for Americans with credit cards. 10/27/17 McConnell Commends Announcement of Kentuckian Named to USPS Board 10/27/17 McConnell on IRS Targeting During Obama Administration 10/26/17 "We Have A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Replace A Failing Tax Code' 10/24/17 Nominations of Scott Palk and Trevor McFadden 10/24/17 McConnell Statement Following Conference Lunch With President 10/24/17 Senate Approves House-Passed Disaster Aid, Legislation Now Goes To President For Signature 10/24/17 Tax Reform 10/24/17 Natural Disaster Emergency Funding 10/23/17 Bankruptcy Judgeship Act of 2017 10/19/17 The Budget and Tax Reform 10/18/17 The Budget and Tax Reform 10/17/17 Work Before the Senate 10/16/17 Remarks by President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Joint Press Conference 10/13/17 Leader McConnell on Senator Susan Collins 10/13/17 McConnell on the President's Iran Announcement 10/12/17 McConnell Statement on Health Care Executive Order

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