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Mitch McConnell's Public Statements on Issue: Legislative Branch

Office: U.S. Senate (KY) - Sr, Republican Majority Leader
Date Title
Feb. 15, 2018 Senate Confirms General Norman Arflack of Kentucky to be U.S. Marshal
Jan. 24, 2018 Tweet - "Yesterday, the #Senate confirmed 3 of @POTUS' highly-qualified nominees for important posts. Chairman of the @federalreserve, Jay Powell. Secretary of @HHSGov, Alex Azar. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback."
Jan. 24, 2018 Tweet - "The #Senate took another important step in confirming @POTUS' qualified nominees. In strong bipartisan fashion, we confirmed Jay Powell to serve as Chairman of the @federalreserve by a vote of 84-13."
Jan. 23, 2018 Tweet - "Now that the shutdown has ended, the #Senate must get back to its job of confirming nominees. We have 3 ready to go: Alex Azar for Secretary of @HHSGov Sam Brownback for Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Jerome Powell for Chairman of the @federalreserve"
Jan. 22, 2018 Tweet - "As I've said repeatedly over the past week, shutting down the government is an irresponsible way to do business. All of our important business for the American people had to be put on hold while this manufactured crisis was dealt with."
Jan. 22, 2018 Tweet - "It's now evident that this filibuster is doing nothing to generate bipartisan progress on issues that Americans care about. Every day we spend arguing about keeping the lights on is another day we cannot spend negotiating DACA, defense, or any of our other shared priorities."
Jan. 22, 2018 Tweet - "During the shutdown, the #Senate made no substantive progress -- not an inch -- on the serious, bipartisan negotiations that it will take us to resolve issues such as immigration and border security, health care, disaster relief, defense spending, & many other matters."
Jan. 22, 2018 Tweet - "Today at noon, every Senator can vote to end this government shutdown. We will vote to end this filibuster and advance instead a bipartisan bill that would put this whole mess behind us."
Jan. 21, 2018 Tweet - "In the #Senate, the minority has the power to filibuster. And on Friday, the Democratic Leader made the extraordinary and destructive choice to filibuster the bipartisan bill and guarantee the American people a #SchumerShutdown."
Dec. 21, 2017 Tweet - "This week in the #Senate: ✔passed once-in-a-generation #TaxReform ✔strengthened our #energy and national security ✔repealed Obamacare's individual mandate tax"
Dec. 18, 2017 Tweet - "Last week, the #Senate finished another historic week by confirming 3 more of @POTUS' impressive judicial nominees to the Circuit Courts, for a total of 12 this year. CONFIRMED: ✔Thapar ✔Bush ✔Newsom ✔Erickson ✔Barrett ✔Larsen ✔Eid ✔Bibas ✔Katsas ✔Grasz ✔Willett ✔Ho"
Dec. 14, 2017 Tweet - "HISTORY The #Senate has confirmed an historic 12 Circuit Court Judges this year. That's the most in a President's 1st year in office since the creation of circuit courts in 1891."
Dec. 14, 2017 Tweet - "When the #Senate confirms Mr. Ho, we'll be adding another fair & impartial judge to the federal bench. @POTUS has nominated individuals with strong fidelity to the law and the Constitution."
Dec. 13, 2017 Tweet - "Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett will be the 11th @POTUS nominee to the circuit courts confirmed by the #Senate this year."
Dec. 5, 2017 Tweet - "The #Senate has confirmed the nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen to be the Secretary of @DHSgov. Our nation faces myriad threats, and I look forward to working with Ms. Nielsen to address each of them."
Dec. 5, 2017 Tweet - "The #Senate will take a serious step today to strengthen our nation's security by confirming Kirstjen Nielsen to lead @DHSgov. With her understanding of the challenges facing our nation and her experience in prevention and preparedness, she will excel as the next Secretary."
Nov. 28, 2017 Hearing of the Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Subcommittee of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee - Opening Statement of Sen. Mitch McConnell, Hearing on Nomination of Kenny Allen to Serve on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Valley Authority
Nov. 28, 2017 Joint Statement from Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell
Nov. 28, 2017 Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Congressional Leadership
Nov. 16, 2017 McConnell Statement on Senator Menendez
Nov. 15, 2017 McConnell on Meeting with President's Nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services
Nov. 15, 2017 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee - Opening Statement of Sen. Mitch McConnell, Hearing on Nominations to Serve as Federal District Court Judges in Kentucky
Nov. 15, 2017 Tweet - The #Senate is still working hard to confirm more of @POTUS' excellent nominees. Today, we will confirm David Zatezalo as the Assistant Secretary of @MSHA_DOL and Mark Esper to be Secretary of the @USArmy.
Nov. 14, 2017 Tweet - Today, the #Senate will advance the nomination of David Zatezalo to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Labor for @MSHA_DOL. A position of importance in my home state of #Kentucky where mining supports thousands of good jobs. I strongly support his nomination.
Nov. 13, 2017 Leader McConnell Statement on Alex Azar
Nov. 9, 2017 Senate Confirms Robert Duncan, Jr. of Kentucky to be U.S. Attorney
Nov. 6, 2017 Tweet - Confirming @POTUS' nominees is an important part of the #Senate's business, & I urge my colleagues to work together so we can get this done.
Nov. 6, 2017 Tweet - Exactly one week ago, I said the #Senate would confirm 4 excellent judicial nominees by the end of the week. That's exactly what happened.
Nov. 1, 2017 Tweet - .@POTUS has signed another CRA to overturn a reg that threatened to drive up costs for Americans with credit cards.
Oct. 24, 2017 McConnell Statement Following Conference Lunch With President
Oct. 24, 2017 Nominations of Scott Palk and Trevor McFadden
Oct. 13, 2017 Leader McConnell on Senator Susan Collins
Oct. 11, 2017 McConnell Statement on Kirstjen Nielsen
Oct. 4, 2017 Nominations
Sept. 25, 2017 Nomination of William Emanuel
Sept. 14, 2017 Senate Confirms Russell Coleman of Kentucky to be U.S. Attorney
Aug. 3, 2017 Senate Confirms Kelly Knight Craft of Kentucky to be Ambassador to Canada
July 20, 2017 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Opening Statement of Sen. Mitch McConnell - Hearing on the Nomination of Kelly Knight Craft to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the US. to Canada
July 17, 2017 McConnell Statement on Upcoming Vote to Repeal Obamacare
July 11, 2017 McConnell Statement on August Recess, Democrats' Obstruction
July 11, 2017 Majority Leader McConnell Accepts Senator Lankford's Request to Delay August Recess
June 6, 2017 Keeping Our Commitment To Our Nation's Veterans
May 4, 2017 McConnell Statement on House Passage of the American Health Care Act
Feb. 28, 2017 McConnell Comments on President's Address to a Joint Session of Congress
Feb. 2, 2017 McConnell Measure to Overturn Obama's Anti-Coal Rule Passes Congress; Now Goes to President for Signature
Feb. 2, 2017 Grassley Resolution Would Reverse Obama-Era Regulation Limiting Second Amendment Rights of Social Security Beneficiaries
Jan. 31, 2017 Majority Leader McConnell Statement on Secretary Elaine L. Chao Confirmation
Jan. 31, 2017 Judge Neil Gorsuch
Jan. 30, 2017 Majority Leader McConnell Leads Congressional Efforts to Overturn Obama's Anti-Coal Rule
Jan. 12, 2017 Senate Takes Important Step Toward Obamacare Repeal
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