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Joe Biden, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
July 17, 2007 Exit Strategies
July 11, 2007 Times Republican: Biden Promises To Uphold Commitment To Veterans
July 10, 2007 Seacoastonline: Sen. Joe Biden Visits Kensington
July 8, 2007 Concord Monitor: Biden Works To Restore COPS Funds
July 6, 2007 The New York Times: Bringing a Little of the U.S. Senate to Iowa
July 5, 2007 AP: Scholars Recommend Dividing Iraq Into 3
July 3, 2007 Gazett Online: Biden: Bush Has Routinely Ignored The Facts
June 26, 2007 Des Moines Register: Ex-Marine In D.M.; He Leads Biden's Vetterans Committee
June 22, 2007 Newsweek: Joe Biden's Horse Sense
June 21, 2007 Senators Urge Partnership With Russia
June 18, 2007 Los Angeles Times: Lessons learned on Joe Biden's second run for the White House
June 12, 2007 The Hill: Senate Democrats Unveil New Iraq Strategy
June 10, 2007 Delaware Online: Biden Assails Pentagon On Armored Vehicles
June 2, 2007 WBOC TV: Biden Says Political Solution Needed in Iraq
May 31, 2007 KMEG14: Biden Brings Campaign to Siouxland
May 31, 2007 Des Moines Register: Biden's Vote For War Funding a Profile In Courage
May 31, 2007 Fort Dodge Messenger: Biden Opposes War, Voted Funding to Protect Troops
May 30, 2007 Des Moines Register: Biden Faults Rivals on Iraq Funding
May 30, 2007 Variety: Joe Biden Tries to Raise Star Wattage
May 29, 2007 Waterloo Courier: Biden Campaigns in Waterloo on Memorial Day
May 28, 2007 Greek News: Senator Biden with Greek American Supporters
May 28, 2007 Iowa State Daily: Biden Discusses Plan For Iraq
May 21, 2007 Reuters: Biden Wants Congress to Pay Arrears to U.N.
May 21, 2007 IPS: U.S. Senators Call to "Stem the Bleeding" in Darfur
May 20, 2007 Concord Monitor: Biden Sponsors Bill To Help With College
May 18, 2007 Des Moines Register: Biden, Dodd Competitors, but Friendly in Dubuque
May 18, 2007 KCRG: Two Democratic Presidential Candidates Visit Dubuque, Talk About Iraq War
May 15, 2007 News Journal: Biden Touts College Plan
May 13, 2007 The Citizen: Biden Parades Through Franklin
May 12, 2007 Concord Monitor: How's Free College Sound?
May 12, 2007 Seacoast Online: Candidates, Firefighters Meet in City
May 8, 2007 Quad City Times: Biden Lays Out His Plan at Davenport Barbecue
May 7, 2007 Cedar Rapids Gazette: Biden Says Nation's Competence Is Being Questioned
May 6, 2007 Iowa Politics: Biden Critical of Bush Administration
April 30, 2007 News Journal: Biden Gets Personal with Voters and Media
April 21, 2007 Associated Press: Biden Praises Unions For Keeping 'Barbarians Away From the Gate'
April 21, 2007 Des Moines Register: Biden Predicts Rivals Will Adopt His Iraq Stance
April 14, 2007 Associated Press: Rhetoric Shouldn't Trump Substance in Presidential Race, Says Biden
April 12, 2007 Washington Post: Bush's Troop Initiative Doomed, Biden Says
April 3, 2007 Des Moines Register: End Assault on Liberties says Biden
April 2, 2007 Associated Press: Biden Camp Challenges Dem Rivals on Iraq
April 2, 2007 Washington Times: Kudos to Joe Biden
March 29, 2007 Biden Amendement Could Pay for Tougher Military Trucks
March 29, 2007 News Journal: Biden, Rivals Pledge Their Support to Labor
March 20, 2007 Times-Tribune: In Scranton Visit, Biden Again Calls for Dividing Iraq
March 14, 2007 Reuters: Senate Begins Debate on Iraq Withdrawal Plan
March 13, 2007 Associated Press: Biden Drives Net Petition for Iraq Bill
March 12, 2007 News Journal: Biden Erects Anti-War Website
March 11, 2007 Associated Press: Biden Touts His Experience at Iowa Stop
March 10, 2007 The Gazette: Biden Touts Post-Iraq Withdrawal Plan in C.R. Stop
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