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5/21/14 Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden to Romanian Civil Society Groups and Students 7/28/11 White House Launches Government Accountability and Transparency Board to Cut Waste and Boost Accountability 12/02/09 Vice President Biden Presses Agencies to Increase Extent and Transparency of Recovery Act Recipient Reports 9/28/09 Statement By The Vice President On Launch Of Latest Version Of 7/16/09 Vice President Biden Applauds Increased Transparency On 3/16/09 Remarks by Vice President Joseph Biden to the Democratic National Committee 1/05/09 Additional White House Staff Announced 12/10/08 Letter To Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Governor - Resign and Do Not Appoint Anyone to Open Seat 10/02/08 The Vice Presidential Debate - Transcript 6/06/08 Letter to Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, and Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, Re: Lack of Consultation with Congress on Long-Term Agreements with Iraq 3/20/08 BIDEN Issues Statement on the Breach of Senator Obama's Passport Files 3/12/08 Recidivism Reduction and Second Chance Act of 2007 12/13/07 Biden Backs Contempt Citations for Rove and Bolten 8/01/07 The Washington Times - Biden on Biden 12/26/06 MSNBC News - Transcript 11/09/06 Senator Biden Issues Statement on the Re-Nomination of UN Ambassador John Bolton 6/26/06 Grassley, Wyden, Inhofe Pressure Lobbying Reform Conferees to Keep Provision to End Secret Holds 5/14/06 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript 5/07/06 FOX News Sunday - Transcript 5/26/05 Nomination of John Robert Bolton to be the Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations -- Continued 5/25/05 Nomination of John Robert Bolton to be the Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations -- Part 1 4/27/05 Judicial Nominations 4/27/05 Judicial Nominations- Continued 1/06/05 Hearing of the Committee on the Judiciary Confirmation Hearing on the Nomination of Alberto Gonzales to be Attorney General of the United States 10/07/04 Intelligence Committee Reorganization - Continued 7/07/04 Hearing of the Senate Finance Committee 1/28/04 Tribute to Jim Wolfe 1/20/04 Biden Statement on State of the Union 12/14/03 Statement by Senator Biden on the Death of Former Senator Bill Roth

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