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2/06/04 Presidential Priorities 10/08/03 An Enlightened Approach to Education 10/08/03 An Enlightened American Health Care System 8/10/03 Iraqi Oil 8/05/03 The Energy Bill: More Addiction to Fossil & Nuclear Fuels 7/31/03 Ethanol 7/28/03 Ending Air Pollution 7/28/03 The Answer is Blowing in the Wind 7/24/03 Eliminating Computer Voting Systems 7/18/03 The Limits of Power 7/18/03 Blair Doesn't Understand Why They Hate Us 7/15/03 It's Time For Democracy in America 7/15/03 Bush's Attempted "Cover-Up" of Radioactive Wastes 7/14/03 The Bad News About Natural Gas 7/12/03 Designer Genes: From Here to Eternity 7/10/03 Political Money 7/08/03 Letter to Publisher of the New York Times Arthur Sulzberger 7/02/03 Energy Plan Options 7/01/03 Radioactive Wastes 6/26/03 Nuclear Time-Bombs 6/18/03 Saving Ocean Ecosystems While Making America Energy Independent 6/15/03 Cal Tech's Observations 6/14/03 The Bush Hydrogen Initiative: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 3/22/03 Calculating Hydrogen Production Costs 3/15/03 Saddam's Our Man 3/01/03 A Hydrogen-Fueled SUV Will Set You Free 2/27/03 Why Hydrogen 2/16/03 War Perspectives 2/05/03 Make Hydrogen, Not War 11/18/02 The Phoenix Project: A Plan for Sustainable Economic Prosperity Without Pollution by Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen 9/30/02 Exponential Icebergs Losing the War in Afghanistan Getting Burned: Cryobiology or Cremation The Revealing Science of God 2020 Vision Bushwhacked The Dark Side of Free Enterprise The Phoenix Project The Blackout of 2003 An Overview of the Fair Accounting Act Sunshine & Health A Devastating Non-Toxic Mosquito Killer: Soapy Water Why They Hate Us

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