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4/29/14 Congressman Cantor: The House Will Stay Focused On Creating An America That Works For Everyone 4/04/14 Legislative Program 3/13/14 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: Children 2/27/14 Mayor de Blasio Attack on Children Living in Poverty is Shameful 2/06/14 Legislative Program 1/27/14 Leader Cantor Announces Support of Five Year Farm Bill 1/10/14 Legislative Program 12/06/13 Leader Cantor Statement on November Jobs Report 10/22/13 Leader Cantor Statement on September Unemployment Report 9/20/13 Leader Cantor Discusses Workfare, CR, And Debt Limit on Greta 9/19/13 Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act of 2013 7/25/13 Congressman Cantor Previews Stop Government Abuse Week On Greta 6/20/13 Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act 6/20/13 Leader Cantor Statement on Farm Bill 5/03/13 Congressman Cantor: House Republicans Remain Focused On Job Growth 3/19/13 Leader Cantor Remarks to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 3/13/13 Leader Cantor On House Vote To Preserve Welfare Work Requirements 2/19/13 Congressman Cantor: Mr. President, Spending is Clearly the Problem in Washington 2/05/13 Remarks by Majority Leader Eric Cantor at American Enterprise Institute 2/01/13 Congressman Cantor: Today's Unemployment Report A Stark Reminder We Have Work To Do 1/04/13 Congressman Cantor: We Must Do Better 12/07/12 Leader Cantor: Today's Report Underscores How Important it is that We Focus on Jobs 11/02/12 Congressman Cantor On October Jobs Report: We Can Do Better 10/16/12 Congressman Cantor Visits Community Youth Program At Blue Ridge Estates 10/05/12 Congressman Cantor: High Unemployment Should Not Be The New Normal 10/01/12 Congressman Cantor on Obama Administration's Guidance Not to Issue Sequester Layoff Warnings this Year 9/20/12 Leader Cantor: The Best Path Out of Poverty is a Job 9/20/12 Leader Cantor: We Are Focused on Creating American Jobs 9/07/12 Leader Cantor Statement on the August Jobs Report 8/03/12 Congressman Cantor Statement On The July Jobs Report 7/25/12 The President's Actions Don't Match His Words 7/09/12 Keeping Taxes Low is the Right Thing to Do 7/09/12 Congressman Cantor Statement on President Obama's Proposal to Raise Taxes 6/01/12 Leader Cantor: These Jobs Numbers are Pathetic, the American People Deserve Better 6/01/12 Congressman Cantor Statement on the May Jobs Report 5/21/12 Republicans Launch Women's Policy Committee in House; New Caucus Gives Voice to Key Group on Important Issues 2/16/12 Congressman Cantor Statement On Third Anniversary Of President Obama's Failed Stimulus 2/03/12 Legislative Program 1/01/12 CBS "60 Minutes" - Transcript 12/13/11 Congressman Cantor Applauds Passage of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act 12/13/11 Blog: We Can't Wait For The Senate 10/27/11 Modifying Income Calculation for Health Care Programs 2/16/11 Washington Post - Obama Defends Budget's Deficit-Cutting Measures 2/14/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on the President's Fiscal Year 2012 Budget 8/06/10 Cantor Statement on National Unemployment Report 5/07/10 Cantor Statement On Unemployment Report 4/16/10 Cantor Statement On Virginia Unemployment Report 2/05/10 Cantor: The President And Speaker Pelosi Fail To Encourage Job Creation 9/17/09 Statement On House Vote To Defund ACORN 6/09/09 MSNBC - Transcript

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