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6/10/14 Leader Cantor: House Acts to Ensure Veterans Can Immediately Access Care 6/10/14 Congressman Cantor: House Acting To Help Vets, Get To The Bottom Of VA Scandal 6/10/14 Congressman Cantor: House Acts To Ensure Veterans Can Immediately Access Care 6/09/14 Congressman Cantor: House Will Provide Immediate Access To Care For Our Veterans 6/05/14 Letter to Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia - Calls for Statewide Task Force to Address Growing Heroin Epidemic 6/02/14 Congressman Cantor Statement On Obama EPA Regulations 5/29/14 Congressman Cantor: It's Time For The President To Stand Up For Our Veterans 5/28/14 FOX "Your World with Neil Cavuto" - Transcript: President Obama's West Point Commencement Speech 5/21/14 President Obama Is Known For Talking About Accountability Without Ever Holding Anyone Accountable 5/20/14 Congressman Cantor: It's Time For Our President To Take Responsibility 5/20/14 Congressman Cantor Applauds Passage Of WRRDA 5/15/14 Congressman Cantor: It's Time For President Obama To Answer For Abuses At VA Facilities 5/05/14 Congressman Cantor Applauds China's Decision To Lift Virginia Poultry Ban 4/30/14 Congressman Cantor Statement on Latest ObamaCare Enrollment Data 4/14/14 Congressman Cantor Honored For Children's Advocacy 4/04/14 Legislative Program 4/04/14 Congressman Cantor On Jobs Report: The Status Quo Is Not Good Enough 4/03/14 Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act Becomes Law 4/02/14 Save American Workers Act of 2014 4/01/14 Congressman Cantor: House of Representatives Sends Third Pediatric Research Bill To President's Desk 3/27/14 ABC - Let's Restore Hourly Wages Cut by Obamacare 3/26/14 Congressman Cantor On Latest ObamaCare Delay 3/25/14 Congressman Cantor: It's Time To Restore Our Complete And Unwavering Support For Religious Freedom 3/25/14 Congressman Cantor: The House Is Continuing To Act To Build An America That Works 3/14/14 Cantor Discusses Conservative Solutions, Kids First, Obamacare with Greta 3/14/14 House Preserves and Modernizes Medicare Using Savings of an Individual Mandate Delay 3/13/14 Cassidy Comments on Senate Passage, Urges President to Sign Flood Insurance Reform 3/13/14 Cantor on Obama Administration's Secret Individual Mandate Delay 3/13/14 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: Children 3/12/14 When We Put Politics Aside, We Can Build an America that Works for Everyone 3/11/14 Passage of the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 3/11/14 House Republicans Are Serious About Protecting Seniors 3/11/14 House Passes Bipartisan Legislation To Protect Americans From Obamacare 3/07/14 America Isn't Working when People Can't Find a Good Paying Job 3/05/14 Suspending the Individual Mandate Penalty Law Equals Fairness Act 3/04/14 Grimm-Cassidy Flood Insurance Amendment Passes House 2/27/14 Leader Cantor Honored with Champion of Change Award by National Down Syndrome 2/26/14 Leader Cantor: House Acting This Week to Stop Government Abuse 2/20/14 Leader Cantor Continues Commitment To Prioritizing Medical Research 2/12/14 Scalise Announces Agreement to Protect LA Homeowners from Unaffordable Biggert-Waters Rate Hikes 2/12/14 Leader Cantor Announces House Flood Insurance Vote 2/11/14 Leader Cantor: We Are Committed to an America That Works for Everybody 2/10/14 Leader Cantor: President Obama Ignores Law Again. All Americans Deserve a Delay 2/07/14 Leader Cantor Announces Push to Prioritize NIH Funding at Medical Research Roundtable in Richmond 2/06/14 Leader Cantor Applauds Passage Of Chesapeake Bay Restoration Bill 2/04/14 Leader Cantor: Working Together to Make It Easier for the Working Middle Class 2/04/14 Congressman Cantor: CBO Report Confirms What Republicans Have Been Saying For Years 2/02/14 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: Immigration Reform and Affordable Care Act 1/28/14 Leader Cantor Responds to the President's State of the Union Address 1/27/14 Leader Cantor Announces Support of Five Year Farm Bill

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