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7/31/14 Congressman Cantor Marks Tenure As Majority Leader With Closing Remarks To The House 7/31/14 Congressman Cantor Marks Tenure As Majority Leader With Closing Remarks To The House 7/09/14 Congressman Cantor Speaks In Support Of SKILLS Legislation 5/23/14 Congressman Cantor Highlights SKILLS Act, Developing A Workforce For The 21st Century 5/21/14 Congressman Cantor Applauds Bipartisan, Bicameral SKILLS Agreement 5/12/14 Congressman Cantor Remarks Following Visit To Bronx Charter School For Excellence 5/09/14 Success and Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Act 5/07/14 Congressman Cantor: Education Is The Foundation For Opportunity In This Country 5/02/14 Congressman Cantor Welcomes Collegiate Cycling Championships To Richmond 4/01/14 Congressman Cantor Statement On Introduction Of The Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act 3/31/14 Congressman Cantor Holds Education Roundtable In Henrico 3/26/14 Congressman Cantor, Community Leaders Discuss Education Opportunity For Virginia's Students 3/14/14 Cantor Discusses Conservative Solutions, Kids First, Obamacare with Greta 2/27/14 Mayor de Blasio Attack on Children Living in Poverty is Shameful 2/21/14 Leader Cantor Highlights SKILLS Act At Germanna Community College 2/04/14 Leader Cantor: Working Together to Make It Easier for the Working Middle Class 1/30/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Response to State of the Union Address 1/29/14 Congressman Cantor Celebrates National School Choice Week 1/28/14 Leader Cantor Responds to the President's State of the Union Address 1/28/14 Leader Cantor: House Republicans Want an America that Works for Everybody 1/27/14 House Republican Leaders Celebrate School Choice Week 1/10/14 Leader Cantor: "The Do-Nothing Senate Must Do Better" 1/10/14 Legislative Program 1/09/14 Leader Cantor Delivers Remarks on Education Opportunity at the Brookings Institution 12/05/13 Legislative Program 11/19/13 Leader Cantor: School Choice Victory For Families and Students in Louisiana 11/04/13 Leader Cantor: President Obama Should Visit New Orleans School on Friday 9/17/13 Letter to Eric Holder, Attorney General - Louisiana School Choice 9/04/13 Congressman Cantor: Preparing Students With Skills To Succeed 8/24/13 Parents & Students Deserve Better 8/01/13 Congressman Cantor Talks About Cutting Waste And Student Loan Solution On WRVA 7/31/13 Congressman Cantor Applauds House Plan To Provide Students Certainty On Student Loans 7/19/13 Student Success Act 7/19/13 Leader Cantor: Today is a Huge Victory for Our Kids 7/18/13 Leader Cantor Talks Obamacare & Education Opportunity on FOX & CNBC 7/16/13 Leader Cantor Discusses #Studentsuccess Act at Two Rivers Public Charter School 7/01/13 Leader Cantor: It Is Time for Senate Democrats to Act on Student Loans 6/26/13 Congressman Cantor: House Has Acted On Energy, Student Loans, And IRS 6/20/13 Legislative Program 6/19/13 Congressman Cantor Supports The Student Success Act 6/18/13 Congressman Cantor: House Passed Student Loan Solution, Time For Senate To Get Serious 6/12/13 Leader Cantor: We Must Restore Trust in Government 6/08/13 Richmond Times-Dispatch - Cantor Touts School Choice At Richmond Charter Visit 6/07/13 Congressman Cantor Talks Education At Patrick Henry Charter School 5/28/13 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - IRS Scandal 5/22/13 Improving Postsecondary Education Data for Students Act 5/10/13 The Hill - House Republicans Borrow From Obama for Legislation to Fix Student Loan Rates 4/25/13 Leader Cantor Remarks to the Committee of 100 Conference 4/25/13 Leader Cantor Remarks to the Committee of 100 Conference 4/12/13 Legislative Program

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