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9/18/08 Utah Ranks No. 1 for Digital Government 9/10/08 Utah Leads the Nation in Job Performance Ranking 9/04/08 Governor Jon Huntsman Nominates Governor Sarah Palin as Republican Vice-presidential Candidate 9/03/08 MSNBC - Transcript 9/03/08 MSNBC - Transcript 9/03/08 MSNBC - Transcript 9/03/08 Fox News Channel "Studio B" - Transcript 8/23/08 Governor Huntsman Offers Condolences to Crash Victims' Families 8/13/08 Governor Jon Huntsman Announces Two State Agencies to Monitor Gas Prices 8/09/08 Governor Huntsman Offers Condolences to Blanding Families 8/06/08 Governor Huntsman Remembers Crandall Canyon Victims and Families 7/31/08 Utah Again Praised as 2nd Best State for Business 7/25/08 Governor Huntsman Issues Statement about Crandall Canyon Reports 7/25/08 Governor Huntsman Optimistic About Protecting Vital Water Resources in West Desert 7/12/08 Governor Offers Condolences to Snow Family 7/10/08 CNBC Ranks Utah #3 Top State for Business 6/03/08 Governor Huntsman Announces Utah Energy Efficiencies 5/01/08 Public Works Magazine - Making the Grade: Data-driven Decision-making Drives Top Performers. 4/23/08 State of Utah Opposes Proposed Hook Canyon Project 4/09/08 Utah Politics - "Virtual Debate: Education" 3/17/08 Utah Recognized as the Best Managed State in the Nation 3/11/08 KCPW News - Governor Huntsman Files for Re-Election 3/10/08 Issue Position: Health System Reform 3/10/08 Issue Position: Teacher Compensation 3/10/08 Issue Position: Air Quality and Energy Security 3/10/08 Issue Position: Economic Development 3/03/08 Utah Recognized as the Best Managed State in the Nation 2/07/08 Governor Huntsman Commends Romney 2/04/08 Governor Huntsman Welcomes New LDS Presidency 1/22/08 2008 State of the State Address - Aspire to Reach Higher 1/16/08 Utah Government and Firms Address Climate Change 1/10/08 2008 Economic Report to the Governor Shows Continued Strong Economic Growth in Utah 12/21/07 Governor and First Lady Huntsman Holiday Greeting 12/20/07 Utah Ranked Number One in Two Economic Competitiveness Reports 11/20/07 Governor Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming 11/13/07 Utah to Allow Sunset of Navajo Trust Fund 10/28/07 Governor Huntsman Commends Law Enforcement Network 10/19/07 Governor signs Order to Make Utah Model Employer of People with Disabilities 10/16/07 Utah Energy Efficiency Strategy Released to Governor and Utah Lawmakers 10/09/07 Climate Change Council and Governor Release Report 9/26/07 Governor Huntsman Asks Banks to Help Emery and Carbon County Residents 9/20/07 wins National Award for Best of the Web 9/18/07 Governor Huntsman Announces Blue Ribbon Panel 9/12/07 Letter to Six Leading Car Manufactures in the United States 9/12/07 Governor Huntsman Encourages "Lights Off Utah" 9/07/07 Governor Huntsman Hosts Huntington Community Events 8/27/07 Governor Huntsman Calls for a "Celebration of Heroes" 8/23/07 Governor Huntsman Organizes Utah Mine Safety Commission 8/22/07 Utah to Set its Own Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal 8/21/07 Governor Huntsman Calls for Stand-down, Fleet Inspection

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