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David Vitter's Public Statements on Issue: Environment

Date Title
Sept. 2, 2014 Letter to Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council - Investigating Improper NRDC Influence Over EPA
Sept. 2, 2014 Letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Investigating Improper NRDC Influence Over EPA
Aug. 26, 2014 Letter to Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency - Requesting Further Information Over Chemical Risk Assessment
Aug. 25, 2014 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior - Allowing Old Rig to Remain as Artificial Reef in Gulf of Mexico
Aug. 20, 2014 Vitter: Latest Lawsuit Highlights Need to Modernize Endangered Species Act
Aug. 15, 2014 Vitter Summary Statement for New Orleans Field Briefing on EPA's Proposed Waters Rule
Aug. 15, 2014 Letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - EPA's Preemptive Veto Decision on Pebble Mine
Aug. 13, 2014 Vitter Announces RESTORE Act Recovery Funds to Finally Start Flowing
Aug. 11, 2014 Issa, Vitter: GAO Report Confirms EPA Fudges Costs of Regulations
Aug. 10, 2014 The Times-Picayune - FEMA Should Reduce Administrative Costs on Flood Policies, Boost Participation
Aug. 5, 2014 Washington Examiner - The Hidden Persuaders of the Environmental Elite
Aug. 5, 2014 Vitter Summary Statement for Baton Rouge Field Briefing on EPA Plan to Lower Ozone Standard
July 31, 2014 Vitter: New Study Shows Lowering Ozone Standard Would Devastate U.S. Economy
July 30, 2014 Vitter Urges FEMA to Enforce Flood Insurance Requirements, Make Program Sustainable
July 29, 2014 Hearing of the Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Subcommittee of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee - Examining the Threats Posed by Climate Change
July 29, 2014 Vitter to Continue Blocking Army Nominee Until Explosives Removed from Camp Minden
July 29, 2014 Vitter Urges Obama Administration to Get Moving on RESTORE Act Implementation, Treat Louisiana Fairly
July 28, 2014 Letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - EPA Blocking Transparent, Thorough Evaluation of Proposed Ozone Standards
July 23, 2014 The Washington Times - Our Ports and Waterways Key to a Vibrant Economy
July 18, 2014 Vitter Lauds Australia's Decision to Repeal Carbon Tax
July 18, 2014 Vitter Denounces EPA's Outrageous Proposal to Preemptively Shut Down Mining Project
July 17, 2014 Vitter to Block Army Nominee Until They Clean Up Mess at Camp Minden
July 17, 2014 Letter to Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army - Camp Minden Cleanup
July 16, 2014 Vitter: Withdrawal of EPA Wage Garnishment Rule Was No-Brainer
July 16, 2014 Barrasso-Vitter Introduce Bill to Block EPA From Using Secret Science to Justify Regulations
July 11, 2014 Letter to Colonel Richard Hansen, District Commander and District Engineer of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Concerns Regarding Mitigation Banks
July 10, 2014 Letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Adverse Comments on EPA's Administrative Wage Garnishment Direct Final Rule
July 8, 2014 Vitter Announces Mississippi River Deeping Project Moving Forward
July 7, 2014 Vitter Provisions Included in Senate Sportsmen's Act
July 1, 2014 Letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Enivironmental Protection Agency - Fireworks Regulations
June 26, 2014 Letter to Nancy Stoner, Acting Assistant Administrator of the EPA's Office of Water - Regarding Stormwater Regulations on Military Bases
June 25, 2014 Senators: EPA is Cherry-Picking Science in New Chemical Risk Assessment
June 25, 2014 Letter to James Jones, Assistant Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Regarding Chemical Risk Assessments
June 25, 2014 The Washington Examiner - President Obama is Giving America the John Beale Style of Government
June 24, 2014 Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Groundwater Resource Management Directive
June 24, 2014 Vitter Questions FEMA on Alleged Slow-Walking of Nuclear Plant Safety Reviews
June 24, 2014 Letter to Craig Fugate, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency - Regarding Support for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
June 23, 2014 Vitter, Thune, Boozman, Rubio: Put Brakes on Critical Habitat Rules
June 23, 2014 Vitter: SCOTUS Ruling Grants EPA Enough Leniency to Continue Making Up Numbers, Science
June 19, 2014 Letter to Dan Ashe, Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, and Kathryn Sullivan, Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Regarding Extending the Comment Period on Critical Habitat Designations
June 19, 2014 EPW Republicans Request Hearing on President's Proposed Cap-and-Trade Rule
June 19, 2014 Senators Introduce Bill to Halt EPA Takeover of Water
June 18, 2014 Letter to Barbara Boxer, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works - Regarding a Hearing About the President's Clean Power Plan
June 18, 2014 Vitter Meets with Coal Miners Concerned About Losing Jobs
June 16, 2014 Letter to Francesca Grifo, Science Integrity Official for the EPA - Regarding Research on Air Regulations
June 16, 2014 Vitter Seeks Additional Information Related to Scientific Credibility Concerns at EPA
June 13, 2014 Vitter, Issa: McCarthy Must Require EPA Employees to Cooperate with IG
June 12, 2014 Vitter Has RESTORE Act Meeting with Commerce Secretary
June 10, 2014 Vitter: Signing of Water Infrastructure Bill into Law is Proud Moment
June 10, 2014 Senators Boxer and Vitter Applaud Signing of Water Infrastructure Bill into Law
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