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11/01/12 No Greater Freedom than Being Able to Choose Our Leaders 10/29/12 Let's Lock Up the Bad Guys - Not the Innocent 10/29/12 Let's Lock Up the Bad Guys -- Not the Innocent 10/04/12 Reds on a Roll, and Southern Ohio is the Big Winner 9/28/12 Northwest Ordinance Ensured Liberty, Justice for All 9/21/12 Food Stamp Debate Leaves Farmers in Limbo 9/14/12 U.S. Must Maintain Diplomatic Outposts Despite Risks 9/13/12 Letter to President Obama 9/08/12 9/11: Never Forget Those Who Sacrificed 8/24/12 Tolerance Essential to the American Way of Life 8/03/12 Mica & House Republicans Convey Intent of Labor Reforms Included in FAA Law 8/03/12 It's Time to End the Sponsorship Joyride 7/31/12 District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 7/26/12 Now is Not the Time to Raise Taxes on Anybody 7/19/12 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House, Eric Cantor, Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader; and Steny Hoyer, Minority Whip 7/17/12 Budget Cuts Could Weaken Our National Defense 7/03/12 Celebrate Independence Day, but Mind the Heat 6/29/12 Court Ruling Doesn't Mean Obamacare Is Good Idea 6/28/12 Statement of Rep. Schmidt Re Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act 6/13/12 Statement on American Centrifuge Plant Agreement 6/12/12 Budget Disaster Looms if we Don't Reduce Spending 5/27/12 Delegation Returns from Official Visit to Taiwan, South Korea; Members Emphasize Importance of Security and Economic Partnerships, Shared Values 5/25/12 Thanks Go to U.S. Troops During Visit to Afghanistan 5/24/12 Letter to House-Senate Conference Committee 5/22/12 Who Will Decorate Graves of Our Fallen Warriors? 5/18/12 Congratulating President Ma Ying-Jeou and the Taiwanese People 5/16/12 VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN REAUTHORIZATION ACT OF 2012 5/07/12 Letter to Conferees 5/04/12 Don't wait until Pigs Fly to Get in Shape 4/24/12 Reforms Needed in Food Aid Programs 4/17/12 Tax Freedom Day Useful, but Doesn't Tell Whole Story 4/04/12 Religious Liberty is Cornerstone of American Freedom 3/29/12 It's Time to Get Our Nation Back on Firm Financial Ground 3/29/12 It's Time to Get Our Nation Back on Firm Financial Ground 3/26/12 How About a Second Opinion on Health-Care "Reform' 3/01/12 Number 1 Priority is Putting Our Great Nation Back to Work 2/27/12 I'm Fighting for Fiscal Discipline 2/16/12 Religious Freedom 2/13/12 Line-Item Veto Bill Targets Wasteful Spending and National Debt 2/03/12 Health-Care Rule Puts Our Religious Liberties at Risk 1/26/12 Mr. President: Don't forget about those jobs in Southern Ohio 1/23/12 Right to Life 1/14/12 Obama Makes End-Run on Congress with Recess Appointments 1/01/12 Let Freedom Ring USA: Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge 1/01/12 The Club for Growth: Repeal It! Pledge 12/30/11 Job-Creation Efforts Offer Hope for the New Year 12/20/11 Schmidt Introduces Bill Related to American Centrifuge Project 12/12/11 Missing Money Angers Farmers -- and Raises Questions 12/02/11 Why Should Taxpayers Get Stuck With Tab for Amtrak Hot Dogs? 12/02/11 Letter to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

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