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4/15/16 Letter to the Hon. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Sarah Sandaña, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement - Intervention in Case of Malachy McAllister 11/23/15 The Record - Garrett: Why we Must Bolster Refugee Screening 11/19/15 Garrett Statement on the American SAFE Act 3/03/15 Garrett Stands with New Jersey Residents Against President Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty 2/13/15 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader - Debate Blocking 2/11/15 Stop Obama's Executive Amnesty 2/11/15 Stop Obama's Executive Amnesty 1/27/15 Letter to Mitch McConnel, Senate Majority Leader - Bringing H.R. 240 to the Floor 12/11/14 Garrett Opposes Executive Amnesty with "No' Vote on Omnibus 11/20/14 Garrett Statement on Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty 1/01/12 Issue Position: Halting Illegal Immigration 1/01/11 Issue Position: Immigration 10/24/08 Shulman Supports Illegal Immigration; Ignores National Security Threat 7/01/08 Garrett Gazette 1/02/08 Garrett Gazette 10/25/07 Garrett Votes against Democrats' Deceptive Last Minute SCHIP Ploy 10/18/07 Garrett Stands Up for the Taxpayers of New Jersey 10/17/07 The State Children's Health Insurance Program 8/03/07 Garrett Outraged by Democrat Tactics to Silence the American People 7/02/07 Garrett Gazette - July 2, 2007 6/28/07 Rep. Scott Garrett Hails Today's Senate Immigration Vote 5/21/07 Statement by Rep. Garrett on Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Proposal 5/21/07 Garrett Gazette - May 21, 2007 3/19/07 Garrett Gazette - March 19, 2007 1/23/07 Statement by Congressman Garrett on the President's State of the Union Address 10/31/06 Garrett Gaztte - October 31, 2006 9/25/06 Garrett Gazette - September 25, 2006 9/13/06 Congressman Scott Garrett Urges Immediate Earmark Reform 6/29/06 Garrett Supports Bill to Keep Our Borders Secure and Our Communities Safe 5/17/06 Letter to Deborah Spero, Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection 5/16/06 Congressman Scott Garrett Urges Significant Change in Budget Process to Restore People's Trust 3/16/06 72 Members Tell Senate: Enforcement First, No Amnesty 12/13/05 Recognizing Centennial of Sustained Immigration from Philippines to United States and Acknowledging Contributions of Filipino-American Community 4/27/05 CNN Inside Politics - Transcript 12/10/04 Garrett: Working to Further Secure America 9/22/04 Hearing of the House Financial Services Committee - Legislative Proposals to Implement the Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission 8/03/04 Letter to Secretary Tom Ridge 5/07/04 Loss of Jobs to Illegal Immigration 2/26/04 Garrett Supports Israel's Right to Build Security Barrier 1/20/04 Garrett Applauds President's State of the Union Speech

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