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2/19/18 Tweet - "Hardly a surprise: the #GOPTaxScam is rewarding wealthy investors--not working families." 2/18/18 Tweet - "The #GOPTaxScam gave a $2 trillion tax break to the wealthy. Now the #TrumpBudget wants to cut Social Security, #Medicare, and #Medicaid. This is no way to help working families get ahead." 2/17/18 Tweet - "ZERO #NewYorkers have died in school shootings since the passage of the SAFE Act in 2013, which severely limited access to assault weapons. It should be adopted nationwide to keep our children safe." 2/17/18 Tweet - ".@SpeakerRyan says it would be a "knee-jerk" reaction to act after 17 children were murdered. It's been: 5 years, 2 months & 4 days since Sandy Hook 1 year, 8 months & 6 days since Orlando 4 months & 16 days since Las Vegas How long will the @NRA and Ryan make us wait?" 2/17/18 Tweet - "#NewYork's infrastructure is crumbling, and President Trump simply refuses to invest in our future. This piece from the @QueensChronicle details how both the #TrumpBudget and his infrastructure proposal will devastate commuters in #Queens and the #Bronx." 2/16/18 Tweet - "Russia interfered in our free and fair elections and it will do so again if Congress doesn't act. This announcement makes clear why we must #FollowTheFacts and keep the Special Counsel's investigation free from political interference." 2/16/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on Failure of Trump Immigration Bill 2/16/18 Tribute in Honor of the Life and Memory of Lynda Catherine McDougald 2/16/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on Indictment of 13 Russian Nationals 2/15/18 Tweet - "The onus is not on children to #EndGunViolence. When will you lead, Mr. President?" 2/15/18 Tweet - "President Trump's infrastructure plan is woefully lacking. Americans deserve #ABetterDeal that invests serious money in American jobs and the world-class infrastructure we deserve:" 2/15/18 Tweet - "The #TrumpBudget includes millions in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Security. My GOP colleagues support these draconian cuts because they're worried about the deficit. But why then did they vote for the #GOPTaxScam?" 2/15/18 Tweet - "The Senate overwhelmingly rejected President Trump's cruel and illogical immigration proposal. Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell have a choice: will they be another cog in President Trump's deportation machine? Or do they have the courage to #ProtectDreamers and do what's right?" 2/14/18 Tweet - "Innocent children at 18 different schools have had their lives impacted by horrific gun violence this year. This is an epidemic. We need real solutions and real action. My full statement on the #Parkland, FL shooting ⬇️" 2/14/18 Letter to the Hon. Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Oppose Unlawful Medicaid Work Requirements 2/14/18 Tweet - "The #TrumpBudget will abandon working families in #Queens, the #Bronx, and all over America. Here's how 👇" 2/13/18 Tweet - "This is why I'm a proud co-sponsor of @RepRoKhanna and @RepBarbaraLee's Marijuana Justice Act. The war on drugs has created vast racial inequality in America's justice system - we must reverse its devastating impact here in #NYC and across the nation." 2/13/18 Tweet - "Another victory for #DREAMers, but we can't give up now. It is long past time that Congress votes on a clean #DreamActNow to #ProtectDreamers." 2/13/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on Reuniting Families Act 2/13/18 Chairman Crowley Introduces Billie Jean King Congressional Gold Medal Act to Honor Decades of Leadership 2/13/18 Tweet - "The disdain President Trump shows toward working families is sickening. This plan won't let parents choose what they feed their children. #TrumpBudget" 2/12/18 Tweet - "We see what the Trump administration and @TheJusticeDept are trying to do here -- and we won't stand for it. Proud to join @AGSchneiderman in opposing any efforts to discourage immigrant families from participating in the 2020 Census." 2/12/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on President Trump's Infrastructure Proposal 2/12/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on President Trump's Hypocrisy 2/12/18 Tweet - "This isn't a budget -- it's a plan to bankrupt the American middle class. The #TrumpBudget abandons the very men and women he promised to champion." 2/12/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on President Trump's Budget 2/10/18 Tweet - "If President Trump has nothing to hide, he should agree to release the Democratic memo. This brazen attempt to keep the truth from Americans is a full-fledged attack on our Democracy." 2/09/18 Tweet - "Another important victory but we cannot be complacent. It's unjust that Ravi and his family have been forced to live from deadline to deadline. Ravi is a leader in our community -- New York is his home. #IStandWithRavi" 2/08/18 Tweet - "Thank you, @AGSchneiderman, for taking swift action to ensure workers in #Queens receive their hard-earned wages. We cannot tolerate wage theft of ANY kind -- any company that tries to scam working families in New York will pay the price." 2/08/18 Tweet - "I'm voting NO on the budget bill this afternoon. The Republicans' latest effort to keep the government funded fails to make the investments this country needs and deserves, and without a DACA fix, I can't support it." 2/08/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on Government Funding Bill 2/08/18 Letter to the Honorable Ryan Zinke, Secretary of US Department of the Interior - Opposition to Drilling off Long Island Coast 2/07/18 Tweet - "Disgusting. The Trump administration is leaping at every opportunity to denigrate hard-working immigrants." 2/07/18 Tweet - "Puerto Rico is facing a historic humanitarian crisis and the Trump administration has failed to provide even the most basic supplies. Lives are being lost. We have no time to waste." 2/06/18 Tweet - "Today, on International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, we call for zero tolerance for this violent practice, reinforce our commitment to investing in strategies to end FGM, and to promoting the rights and dignity of all women and girls." 2/06/18 Letter to the Honorable Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, and the Honorable Joseph M. Otting, Comptroller of the Currency - Strengthen Community Reinvestment Act Rules 2/06/18 Tweet - "Republicans are using the term "chain migration" to dehumanize immigrants. This program is about keeping families together. Keeping young children with their parents." 2/06/18 Tweet - "Reforming #NewYork's excessively punitive parole system would keep families from being torn apart and bring us one step closer to closing down Rikers for good." 2/05/18 Tweet - "The men and women Ro and I met today are the future of #Queens and the #Bronx, and - more importantly - the future of our country. Tech investments grow our economy and bring new, diverse voices into positions of leadership." 2/05/18 Letter to President Donald Trump - Chairman Crowley, Ranking Member Larson Lead Letter Urging President Trump to Support Increased Funding for the Social Security Administration 2/05/18 Tweet - "This #FMLA25, #PaidLeaveMeans recognizing that America is stronger when working parents can care for their families while keeping their jobs." 2/05/18 Letter to the Hon. Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labor - Withdraw Harmful Proposed Tip Rule 2/04/18 Tweet - "BREAKING: My own "top secret" Russia memo ⬇️ Republicans are perverting our intelligence systems for political gain. Devin Nunes and Paul Ryan are complicit in @realdonaldtrump's coverup." 2/02/18 Tweet - "During #BlackHistoryMonth, we reflect on African-Americans' invaluable contributions to our country & pay tribute to all the champions who fought for equality and justice. From science to politics and music to law, African-Americans have profoundly shaped our history & progress." 2/02/18 Tweet - "It's clear that @POTUS is using the #NunesMemo to try to undermine the Russia investigation. The need to #ProtectMueller and protect Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is growing more urgent by the day." 2/02/18 Tweet - "Puerto Rico is resilient, but needs support to rebuild. Glad to hear that #FEMA is not cutting off aid to #PuertoRico, especially at such a critical time in their recovery." 2/02/18 Tweet - "This memo was not released in the interest of our national security. It was not released in the interest of finding the truth. And it was not released in the interest of the American people. It's being done in the interest of protecting @POTUS and his congressional lackeys." 2/02/18 Letter to the Hon. Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration - IV Saline Shortage at Height Of Deadly Flu Season 2/02/18 Letter to Scott Gottlieb, Food and Drug Administrator - Rubio, Blumenthal, González-Colón, Kaptur Lead Bipartisan Letter to FDA Regarding Shortage of IV Saline at Height of Deadly Flu Season 2/02/18 Chairman Crowley Statement on Republican Efforts to Undermine Russia Investigation

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