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Joe Crowley's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (NY) - District 14, Democratic
Date Title
Jan. 19, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on Republicans' Inability to Govern
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - "My Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx is a promise that I'll fight for higher wages and a more just criminal justice system. Watch Live as we unveil these proposals @VaughnCollege: …"
Jan. 16, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on Governor Cuomo's Budget Proposal
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - "The #GOPTaxScam will be devastating for #NewYork. @NYGovCuomo's 'Tax Fairness for All' campaign is just the kind of leadership we need to fight for everyday Americans. My full statement ⬇️"
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - "To counter the disastrous policies of the GOP, the Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx will make it easier for students to learn in modern classrooms and for parents to make the best choices for their families about child care and careers. …"
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - ".@realDonaldTrump's comments were racist and un-American. And despite what some have suggested, they certainly do not reflect the values of #Queens."
Jan. 16, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on the Rise of Uninsured Americans During the Trump Administration
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - "Criminal justice reform is a fight for civil rights and liberties. I'm discussing how we must close #Rikers Island and provide mental health services to individuals in prisons and jails. If you have questions on the #ABetterDeal, we'll answer on air. …"
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - "I'm proud to support this bill to restore #NetNeutrality and overturn the FCC's efforts to undermine the fair and open internet."
Jan. 16, 2018 Tweet - "It's always been my belief that Americans do best when their communities are secure and strong. My Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx will work to make that happen. Watch Live: …"
Jan. 16, 2018 Chairman Crowley Introduces "A Better Deal for Queens and the Bronx'
Jan. 16, 2018 "#ReligiousFreedomIs NOT a license to discriminate."
Jan. 16, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan. 15, 2018 Tweet - "Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s teachings on compassion, love, and peace are just as needed now as they were half a century ago. Today we honor his remarkable legacy. #MLKDay"
Jan. 14, 2018 Tweet - "I'm incredibly disappointed that Senator Rand Paul would correlate President Trump's racially insensitive commentary to his upbringing in Queens. Queens is one of the most diverse places on earth, comprised of some of hardest working, most self-sacrificing people you'll find."
Jan. 14, 2018 Tweet - "This is wonderful news for DREAMers. But the fight isn't over. Democrats won't stop until Congress passes a clean Dream Act. We have your backs! …"
Jan. 14, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on Suggestion that Queens Upbringing Led to President Trump's Racist Views
Jan. 12, 2018 Tweet - "I applaud @NYGovCuomo for rescinding this deeply flawed policy. As I noted in my letter to Acting Commissioner Annucci, literature and educational books play a crucial role in prisoner rehabilitation. …"
Jan. 12, 2018 Tweet - "This unjust and heartbreaking case is exactly why it's time to abolish cash bail for minor crimes. I stand behind @NYGovCuomo's plan to do so in #NewYork."
Jan. 12, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on the Trump Administration's Medicaid Work Requirements
Jan. 11, 2018 Tweet - "Humbled and inspired by the scores of New Yorkers who participated in today's Solidarity Vigil Against Deportation led by local interfaith leaders. I stand in solidarity with our immigrants and will fight to protect #DREAMers and #SaveTPS."
Jan. 11, 2018 Tweet - "Immigrants made America great. And every day, @realDonaldTrump tramples on that legacy and embarrasses our nation on the world stage."
Jan. 11, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on President Trump Allowing Banks to "Redline' Poor, Minority Neighborhoods
Jan. 11, 2018 Tweet - "Pedestrian safety was once severely lacking in #NYC. Luckily, today that's a #TBT. Working with the City to implement #VisionZero and install walkways for pedestrians -- like this one on 80th & N. Blvd -- has vastly improved pedestrian safety in #Queens! …"
Jan. 11, 2018 Tweet - "The Trump administration wants to give banks the ability to "redline' communities of color. Redlining denies Americans both civil and economic justice, and should be relegated to the history books -- not a modern economy. Read my statement ↓ …"
Jan. 11, 2018 Tweet - "ICE must immediately release Ravi Ragbir. His detention is entirely unwarranted and reflects the Trump administration's predatory behavior in New York City and across the country. #IStandWithRavi"
Jan. 11, 2018 Chairman Crowley Calls on ICE to Release Ravi Ragbir
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "The Trump administration's contempt for low-income Americans is unbelievable. Now they're trying to revise rules that prevent "redlining" communities of color."
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "Today, the @MTA is rolling out 10 all-electric buses across #NYC, including in #Queens. This is a another milestone in our community's fight against climate change!"
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "Renewing #CHIP must be part of the budget deal on January 19th. There are 9 million children relying on us. #ExtendCHIP"
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "#WaybackWednesday to October 2013 when Republicans forced a government shutdown over a partisan stunt. We cannot let them do the same thing in 2018 with the border wall. #NoWall …"
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - ".@realDonaldTrump just ended Temporary Protective Status for 200,000+ Salvadorians in America. This is an attack on families and essential members of our communities who love our country. #SaveTPS"
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "The Trump administration's plan to address #ClimateChange: pretend it doesn't exist."
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "New York's family paid leave policy will allow parents, caregivers, and relatives of active duty servicemembers to spend more precious time with loved ones. Proud to see my home state take the lead to develop policies that strengthen working families."
Jan. 10, 2018 Tweet - "New York leading the way! .@NYCMayor's announcement that city pension funds will divest billions of dollars in fossil fuel securities highlights New York's status as a global leader in combating #ClimateChange."
Jan. 10, 2018 Letter to Anthony Annucci, Acting Commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections and Cynthia Brann, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Corrections - Chairman Crowley Calls on New York Department of Corrections to Revise Restrictions on Books
Jan. 10, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on DACA Ruling in California
Jan. 9, 2018 Tweet - "Last year set a record for pedestrian safety in #Queens. We are grateful for the members of law enforcement whose hard work saves live and for the Vision Zero initiative that keeps our communities safe."
Jan. 9, 2018 Tweet - ".@realdonaldtrump's decision to end #TPSElSalvador will mean displacing 16,200 #NewYorkers. They're students, professionals, parents, neighbors, and friends. We can't afford to lose these important members of our community. #SaveTPS"
Jan. 9, 2018 Tweet - "Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands need our strong support to rebuild and recover - we owe them nothing less. Thank you @SEIU for your leadership!"
Jan. 8, 2018 Tweet - "This is a sickening decision that will tear thousands of families apart, particularly in #Queens and the #Bronx. President Trump's anti-immigrant agenda is threatening our communities and economy. #SaveTPS"
Jan. 8, 2018 Tweet - "More than 2/3 of #Queens & #Bronx residents have to choose between paying rent & affording basic necessities. That's unacceptable. My Rent Relief Act would put money back in the pockets of renters across #NY14. Read how it could help you in @QueensTrib →"
Jan. 8, 2018 Tweet - "The decision to end #TPS for Salvadorians proves that President Trump doesn't care about America's safety or values--he just wants to appease the anti-immigrant voices in his party. My statement on the White House deportation machine → "
Jan. 8, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on the White House's Deportation Machine
Jan. 7, 2018 Tweet - "@AjitPaiFCC's insistence on repealing net neutrality shows once again that the Trump administration isn't fighting for working and middle-class Americans. More than 80% of Americans believe we need a free and open internet -- why doesn't @realDonaldTrump?"
Jan. 6, 2018 Tweet = "I'm working to ensure we fully fund our government, extend #CHIP, and pass the #DreamActNow. I hope congressional Republicans do the responsible thing and work with Democrats to avert a GOP shutdown."
Jan. 6, 2018 Tweet - "It's been more than 3 months since #HurricaneMaria hit Puerto Rico and millions still don't have power or access to clean water. This is unacceptable. We must continue to support our fellow Americans to ensure that the island rebuilds and recovers."
Jan. 5, 2018 Tweet - "President Trump wants to waste $18 billion to build his useless and ineffective border wall. This is a non-starter for @HouseDemocrats."
Jan. 5, 2018 Tweet - "When CEOs are out-earning workers 347 to 1, the economy isn't just unfair and uneven -- it's no longer working for middle-class America. My full statement on the December jobs report → "
Jan. 5, 2018 Chairman Crowley Statement on December Jobs Report
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