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12/15/16 President Signs into Law Heitkamp, Ayotte Bipartisan Bill to Protect Northern Border 11/30/16 Heitkamp, Ayotte Bipartisan Bill to Protect Northern Border Unanimously Passes in U.S. House of Representatives, Heads to President's Desk 11/17/16 Senate Passes Ayotte Bill to Support First Responders 11/17/16 Bipartisan Bill to Protect Northern Border Passes U.S. Senate 10/25/16 Letter to the Hon. Jacob Lew, Secretary of the Treasury - Concessions to Iran 10/21/16 Ayotte Receives Champion of Maritime Award from the American Maritime Partnership 10/17/16 DOD Document: Mohamedu Ould Slahi Swore Allegiance to al Qaeda and Coordinated Travel for 9/11 Terrorists 10/14/16 A Clear Choice 10/12/16 Déjà Vu: Maggie Hassan Dodges Questions on Refugees, Gitmo 10/05/16 Porstsmouth Herald - Ayotte Touts National Security Credentials 9/23/16 Hassan Must Address Iran Developments at National Security Debate 9/21/16 Boston Herlad - Kelly Ayotte Focused on Her Campaign, Not Donald Trump's 9/20/16 Ayotte Highlights Unanswered Questions About Rahami's Trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan 9/20/16 Boston Herald - Ayotte: Probe Must Focus on Terror Suspect's Possible Ties Overseas 9/15/16 Ayotte: Obama Administration Continues to Release Dangerous Gitmo Detainees Despite Confirmation of Them Returning to the Battlefield 9/14/16 Letter to the Hon. John McCain, Mac Thornberry, Chairmen of the Congressional Armed Forces Committees - Regarding Three Projects at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 9/09/16 Ayotte on North Korean Nuclear Test: Tough Talk Not Enough 9/08/16 Ayotte: Obama Administration Cash Payments to Iran Will Support Iranian Military Expansion and Terrorism 9/08/16 Ayotte Responds to President Obama's Comments in Laos on Closing Guantanamo 8/25/16 Ayotte: Despite Administration's Claims, Closing Gitmo Makes Us Less Safe 8/25/16 Ayotte: Iran's Aggression Increases Despite Nuclear Deal 8/11/16 Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the USDA - Ayotte Urges USDA to Designate Drought Disaster for NH 8/10/16 Ayotte Releases Exclusive Consolidated, Unclassified Report on Guantanamo Detainees 8/09/16 Ayotte Visits Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. in Nashua 7/11/16 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Senators Collins, Nelson Lead Bipartisan Letter Urging Administration to Preserve Maximum Strength of Sanctions Until Iran Abandons Its Illicit, Non-Nuclear Activities 7/08/16 Ayotte Statement on Democrats Blocking Defense Appropriations Bill 7/06/16 Ayotte Statement on President's Afghanistan Announcement 7/05/16 Ayotte Statement on FBI Investigation of Secretary Clinton's Mishandling of Classified Information 6/29/16 Ayotte Statement on Istanbul Terrorist Attacks 6/28/16 Ayotte Urges Passage of Funding for Zika, Military Construction, Veterans 6/26/16 Concord Monitor - Terrorists Shouldn't Be Able to Buy Guns 6/23/16 Ayotte Statement on Senate Vote on No Fly, No Buy Proposal 6/23/16 Ayotte Statement Regarding Release of Gitmo Detainee Who Was a Bin Laden Body Guard 6/22/16 Ayotte Urges Muslim Leaders to Condemn ISIS' Radical Ideology 6/21/16 Ayotte Helps Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Terrorists from Getting Firearms, Keep Americans Safe 6/20/16 Ayotte Votes to Advance Debate to Prevent Terrorists from Buying Guns 6/14/16 Ayotte Successfully Includes More Than 42 Key NH and National Security Priorities in Annual Defense Bill and Report 6/12/16 Ayotte Statement on the Orlando Nightclub Attack 6/09/16 Letter to President Barack Obama - Tell American People Truth About Former Gitmo Detainees 6/09/16 National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2017 5/27/16 Shaheen and Ayotte Statement on Air Force KC-46A Announcement 5/26/16 The Hill - Restoring Military Readiness to Better Protect Americans 5/26/16 Committee Passes Ayotte-Ernst Measures to Protect U.S. from Foreign Fighters 5/25/16 Letter to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - Strengthen Visa Waiver Program, Consider Designating Additional Countries of Concern 5/13/16 Ayotte Successfully Includes Key NH and National Security Priorities in Annual Defense Bill 5/12/16 Ayotte: Benghazi Suspect Should be Held at Gitmo 4/19/16 FAA Reauthorization Bill Includes Ayotte Measures to Strengthen Airport Security 4/18/16 Ayotte Statement on Release of Gitmo Detainees to Saudi Arabia 4/07/16 Senate Passes Ayotte Airport Security Amendment 4/05/16 Ayotte Introduces Legislation to Permanently Ban Guantanamo Transfers to U.S. and Suspend International Releases

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