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10/25/08 Springfield News-Leader - Hulshof, Nixon Spar On Issues, History In Debate 10/21/08 The Rolla Daily News- Missouri Farmers Endorse Hulshof for Governor 10/16/08 Hulshof Plan to Encourage Immediate Job Creation 10/09/08 The Kansas City Star - Kenny Hulshof: This Conservative Has an Independent Streak 10/06/08 Restoring Accountability to State Government 10/03/08 Hulshof Again Opposes Bailout 10/01/08 Kansas City Star - Hulshof Calls for Big Changes in KC, St. Louis Schools 9/30/08 Hulshof Offers Urban School Plan 9/30/08 Hulshof Offers Urban School Plan 9/30/08 Kansas City Star - Hulshof Calls for Big Changes in KC, St. Louis Schools 9/29/08 Hulshof Weighs In Against Bailout 9/27/08 Mississippi Floods 9/24/08 Hulshof Applauds Passage of Civil Rights Legislation 9/24/08 Hulshof Welcomes Passage of Tax Relief Package for Flood Victims 9/23/08 Hulshof Applauds Passage of Mental Health Parity Act 9/23/08 Hulshof Outlines Court Plan 9/23/08 Hulshof Outlines Court Plan 9/22/08 News-Leader - Hulshof Highlights Rural Roots 9/22/08 The News-Leader - Hulshof Highlights Rural Roots 9/19/08 About That Pollution Problem.. 9/17/08 Regarding Passage of H.R. 6842 9/03/08 Hulshof Introduces Plan to Develop Missouri's Workforce 8/27/08 Hulshof Unveils HealthMAX 8/26/08 The Columbia Tribune - Hulshof Unveils Health-Care Proposal 8/22/08 The News-Leader - Hulshof Joins Energy Protest 8/21/08 Hulshof Unveils Missouri Energy Plan 8/05/08 Hulshof Wins Republican Nomination 7/25/08 Hulshof to Focus on Job Creation 7/09/08 Hulshof Unveils Economic Package 7/08/08 St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Impressions From the Interview with Kenny Hulshof 6/26/08 Moberly Monitor Index - Hulshof Lauds Declaration for Flooded Areas 6/26/08 Hulshof Applauds Supreme Court Second Amendment Ruling 6/20/08 Hulshof: Time to Increase Energy Supply is Now 6/18/08 Hulshof Commends GAO Decision on Boeing Tanker Appeal 6/04/08 Reps. Thompson and Hulshof Introduce Bill to Expand Use of Telehealth Technology 6/03/08 Hulshof Introduces Crime Package 5/24/08 Southeast Missourian - Hulshof visits Cape Girardeau, Talks About Abortion, Stem-Cell Research 5/21/08 Food, Conservation, and Energy Security Act of 2008--Veto Message from the President of the United States 5/20/08 Hulshof Outlines Pro-Life Priorities 5/15/08 Hulshof Supports Farm Bill Passage 5/14/08 Conference Report on H.R. 2419, Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 5/08/08 Hulshof: Voter ID Will Restore Faith in the Process 5/08/08 Associated Press - Missouri: Carnahan Raises Concerns as House Passes Voter Photo IDs 5/05/08 Hulshof Proposes Seniors and Veterans' Package 5/01/08 When it Comes to Cutting Taxes, the Choice is Clear 4/18/08 Hulshof Unveils Ethics Reform Package 3/11/08 Hulshof Disappointed With Tanker Contract 3/05/08 Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007 1/09/08 2008 can be about More than Politics 12/20/07 Hulshof Lauds Passage of S-Chip Extension

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