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10/05/12 Letter to President Obama 9/11/12 Rehberg Statement on Anniversary of September 11 Terrorist Attacks 8/29/12 Rehberg Lead Signer on Veterans Jesus Amicus Brief 7/20/12 Rehberg Statement on Colorado Shooting 7/11/12 Letter to Speaker Boehner 7/06/12 Rehberg Organizes Ashland Fire Informational Meeting for Livestock Owners 6/20/12 Rehberg Says Obama Administration Isn't Above the Law in Attack on Gun Rights 6/15/12 Rehberg Statement on President Obama's Announcement to Disregard Illegal Immigration Deportation Laws 5/17/12 Rehberg Amendment Blocks United Nations Anti-Gun Treaty 5/15/12 Rehberg Earns NRA Primary Endorsement, A+ Rating 5/10/12 Rehberg Second Amendment Provision Survives Anti-Gun Obama Veto Threat 4/26/12 Rehberg Language Included in CJS Approps Bill to Address Bakken Crime Challenges 4/26/12 Rehberg Summons TSA to Office to Answer for Making 4-Year-Old Cry 4/26/12 Rehberg Amendment Protects Gun Owners from Unauthorized Obama Administration Tracking Policy 4/17/12 Rehberg-Sponsored Measure to Protect Hunters' Access on Public Lands Passes House 4/17/12 Rehberg, House Pass Legislation to Prevent Last-Minute or Unwanted National Monument Designations 3/27/12 Rehberg's Bill to Preserve Grazing Rights Helps Montana Ranchers, Economy 3/09/12 Rehberg Introduces Bill to Mirror Montana's "Right to Keep and Bear Arms Week" At Federal Level 3/08/12 Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States - Rehberg Urges President Not to Break the Law in His Efforts to Advance Gun Control Measures 12/08/11 Gibson Joins with Bipartisan Group of Colleagues to Fight for Benefits for Vietnam Veterans 11/29/11 Statement on ESPN Decision to Make Grizzly, Bobcats FCS Playoff Games Available on Broadcast TV 11/18/11 Letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Bureau of Land Management Secretary Bob Abbey 11/18/11 Letter to President Obama 11/04/11 Rehberg Calls For Resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder 10/27/11 Rehberg Secures Extension of Comment Period, Urges Ag Groups to Weigh in to Bolster Opposition 10/21/11 Rehberg Statement on Temporary Protection of Big Mountain's WWII Memorial 10/18/11 Letter to Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell and Northern Region Director Leslie Weldon 10/11/11 Rehberg Measure to Protect Second Amendment Rights for Vets Clears House of Representatives 10/09/11 The Montana Land Sovereignty Act Creates True Dialogue 10/05/11 Rehberg Proposed Changes to Border Security Bill Approved by Committee 9/13/11 Hearing of the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands - Legislative Hearing on Bills to Prohibit New, Unilateral National Monument Designations 9/09/11 Rehberg Measure to Protect Second Amendment Rights for Vets Clears House Committee 7/22/11 Letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar 7/20/11 Letter to Senators 7/13/11 Rehberg Amendment Prevents ATF From Tracking and Cataloging Rifle Purchases 6/15/11 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 5/24/11 Rehberg Votes for Disaster Relief Funding, Fire Grants, Northern Border Security, Airport Screening 4/28/11 Letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton 3/01/11 Rehberg Introduces "Montana Land Sovereignty Act" in House 2/22/11 Boren-Rehberg Amendment Prevents ATF From Tracking Rifle Purchases 2/10/11 Rehberg Sponsors Legislation to Allow Import of Legal M1 Semi-Automatic Rifles 2/09/11 Rehberg Letter Gets Results: Administration Rejects Gun Control Measure 1/27/11 Rehberg Fights to Protect Veterans from Federal Gun Control Prosecution 1/26/11 Rehberg Legislation Seeks to Return Wolf Management Authority to the States 1/10/11 Rehberg Comments on His Public Listening Sessions & Security Concerns 1/08/11 Rehberg Issues Statement on Arizona Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, Her Staff and Her Constituents 12/21/10 Rehberg Statement on Census Results for Montana 12/17/10 Rehberg Takes Aim At New ATF Firearm Sales Reporting Rules 12/16/10 Rehberg Praises Implementation of Amtrak Policy to Allow Gun Transportation 12/02/10 Western Members Introduce Bill to Delist Gray Wolf

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