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Bobby Jindal's Public Statements

Date Title
June 25, 2010 Letter to Alfred Speer Vetoing House Bill 37
June 25, 2010 Governor Jindal Signs HB 1, HB 76 & HB 1358 with Line-Item Vetoes
June 24, 2010 Governor Jindal Signs Bill Strengthening Enforcement of Child Support Payments
June 24, 2010 Governor Jindal to White House: Don't Double Down on Drilling Moratorium, Save Thousands of LA Jobs
June 23, 2010 Letter to Afred Speer Vetoing House Bill 758
June 23, 2010 Blog: "Arbitrary and Capricious"
June 23, 2010 Letter to Alfred Speer Vetoing House Bill 386
June 23, 2010 Gov. Jindal to Feds: No Time for More Studies, Act Now & Restart Dredging Operations so LA Can Win this War Against the Oil Spill
June 22, 2010 Governor Bobby Jindal: Judge's Ruling to Stop Moratorium is Welcome News; Louisianians Shouldn't Lose Their Jobs Because Federal Gov't Can't Do Their Job
June 22, 2010 Governor Jindal: BP Claims System is Broken
June 22, 2010 CNN "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" - Transcript
June 21, 2010 Op-Ed - Taking Matters Into Our Own hands
June 21, 2010 Gov. Jindal: Budget is Responsible, Makes Strategic Reductions & Protects Critical Services
June 18, 2010 CNN "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" - Transcript
June 18, 2010 Governor Jindal Signs Bills to Strengthen Louisiana's Seafood Industry
June 17, 2010 Governor Jindal: We Need Federal Government to Join Us in the Fight to Protect Our Way of Life
June 16, 2010 CNN "CNN Newsroom" - Transcript
June 16, 2010 Governor Jindal: We Are in a War Against This Oil, Need Real Results
June 16, 2010 CNN "American Morning" - Transcript
June 15, 2010 Governor Jindal: Failure Not An Option In The War Against Oil Spill
June 14, 2010 Gov. Jindal Stands with Restaurant and Seafood Industry Leaders, Calls on President to Force BP to Approve Louisiana's Seafood Safety Plan
June 13, 2010 CNN - Louisiana Fighting the Flow of Oil with Sandbags
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