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Nancy Boyda's Public Statements

Date Title
Oct. 24, 2008 Reps. Boyda and Poe Request Criminal Investigation into Economic Crisis
Oct. 23, 2008 Boyda Named To Numbers USA's 2008 End-Of-Congress Top Ten in the House To Protect U.S. Workers & Quality of Life
Oct. 20, 2008 Kansas Will Get $45 Million to Help With Winter Heating Bills
Oct. 15, 2008 Boyda's Effective Child Pornography Act of 2007 Signed into Law by President Bush
Oct. 3, 2008 Boyda Says No on Bailout
Oct. 3, 2008 The 2008 Angels in Adoption
Sept. 29, 2008 Boyda: New Bailout No Better
Sept. 25, 2008 Effective Child Pornography Prosecution Act of 2007
Sept. 25, 2008 Boyda Announces Support for Pickens Energy Independence Pledge
Sept. 24, 2008 Boyda Applauds Passage of Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights
Sept. 24, 2008 Letter of the Week - Nancy on the Financial Bailout
Sept. 24, 2008 Boyda Hails Senate Passage of Her Bill to Protect Kansas Kids from Predators
Sept. 23, 2008 Boyda Says "No" to Bush Bailout
Sept. 18, 2008 Boyda Votes to Protect Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms
Sept. 18, 2008 Congress in Your Inbox - Weathering the Storm
Sept. 17, 2008 Boyda's Bill Offers Financial Relief to Family Caregivers
Sept. 17, 2008 Boyda Calls $8.7 Million Severance for Failed AIG CEO
Sept. 17, 2008 Letter of the Week - Nancy on Raising the Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement
Sept. 16, 2008 Boyda: Compromise Bill Will Increase Offshore Drilling and Invest in Alternative Resources
Sept. 15, 2008 Boyda Hails Decision to Cut Golden Parachutes of Former Fannie and Freddie CEO's
Sept. 11, 2008 Boyda Sends Letter to U.S. Secretary of the Treasury: Don't Reward Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEO's
Sept. 11, 2008 Boyda Statement on Seventh Anniversary of 9/11
Sept. 11, 2008 Highway Trust Fund Restoration Act
Sept. 11, 2008 Highway Trust Fund Restoration Act
Sept. 11, 2008 Congress In Your Inbox - Back from Afghanistan
Sept. 11, 2008 Letter of the Week - Nancy on the CALM Act
Sept. 10, 2008 Boyda: Bill Gives Rural Kansas Veterans Better Access to Medical Care
Sept. 10, 2008 U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Halt Mexican Trucking Program
Sept. 9, 2008 Congressional Delegation Returns from Middle East and Austria
Sept. 9, 2008 Barring Access of Long-Haul Mexican Trucks
Sept. 4, 2008 Boyda's Statement on Administration's Decision to Release Oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Sept. 2, 2008 Letter of the Week - Nancy on Downpayment Assistance for Government Insured Loans
Aug. 27, 2008 Congress in Your Inbox - In Kansas and Loving It!
Aug. 26, 2008 Letter of the Week - Nancy on Credit Card Interchange Fees
Aug. 22, 2008 Teacher Tax Relief is an Expression of Our National Values
Aug. 20, 2008 Boyda to Address Lack of Affordable Housing Issue at Housing Conference in Humboldt
Aug. 15, 2008 Campaign Kick-Off Speech
Aug. 15, 2008 Letter to The Honorable Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense
Aug. 4, 2008 Boyda Decries Continuation of Mexican Trucking Pilot Program
July 17, 2008 Boyda Cosponsors Bill to Protect U.S. Livestock and America's Food Supply
July 10, 2008 Panel II of a Hearing of the Air and Land Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee - The Source Selection and Path Forward Regarding the Air Force KC-(X) Program
June 30, 2008 Rep. Nancy Boyda and Kansas Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller: Highway Funding 'A Crisis Waiting to Happen'
June 24, 2008 Medicare Bill Wins Overwhelming Approval by U.S. House of Representatives
June 20, 2008 Boyda Says New Bi-Partisan FISA Bill Provides Checks and Balances in Fight on Terrorism
June 19, 2008 Emergency Supplemental Bill Addresses Many Pressing Concerns for Kansans
June 18, 2008 Government Accountability Office Tells Air Force to Reconsider Tanker Contract Decision
June 18, 2008 Boyda Announces Emergency Unemployment Benefits for Jobless Kansans
May 23, 2008 Boyda Announces $20.8 Million in Defense Authorizations for Kansas
May 14, 2008 Boyda Votes for Good - Not Great - Food and Farm Bill
May 8, 2008 Boyda Joins Forces With USPS to "Stamp Out Hunger"
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