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Mike Pence's Public Statements

Office: Vice President, Republican President of the Senate
Date Title
Jan. 22, 2019 Tweet - "As the good people of Venezuela make your voices heard tomorrow, on behalf of the American people, we say: estamos con ustedes. We are with you. We stand with you, and we will stay with you until Democracy is restored and you reclaim your birthright of Libertad."
Jan. 21, 2019 Tweet - "Today, we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a great American leader whose faith & courage moved our Nation toward a more perfect union. Dr. King inspired a movement that changed the course of American history & his example inspires us still today. #MLKDay"
Jan. 20, 2019 Tweet - ".@POTUS Trump is calling on Congress to come to the table in a spirit of good faith. We'll secure our border. We'll reopen the government and move our Nation forward to an even broader discussion about immigration reform in the months ahead."
Jan. 20, 2019 Tweet - "Today with @Margbrennan on @FaceTheNation, I discussed our humanitarian & security crisis at our southern border. As @POTUS laid out we're determined to secure the border & end the shutdown. What the president articulated yesterday was a good faith, common sense compromise."
Jan. 20, 2019 Tweet - "Honored to serve as @POTUS Trump's Vice President these past two years, working to deliver historic results for the American people - an economic boom, rolling back red tape, rebuilding our military & restoring American leadership on the world stage. PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT!"
Jan. 19, 2019 Tweet - "Proud to join @POTUS & @SecNielsen at @WhiteHouse for a historic event as we welcome the 5 newest members of the American family at their Naturalization Ceremony. As @POTUS said, as US citizens, we are bound together in love, loyalty, friendship & affection. Congratulations!"
Jan. 19, 2019 Tweet - "Today @POTUS proposed a common sense plan to secure our border, reopen our government, and KEEP AMERICANS SAFE. Now it's time for Congress to work together to solve the crisis on our Southern Border and end the shutdown. Let's get to work!"
Jan. 18, 2019 Tweet - "Today, because of everyone gathered at the @March_for_Life, all those they represent, and all who have gone before, life is WINNING in America once again."
Jan. 18, 2019 Tweet - "Spoke w/ @BenShapiro & all his listeners at @March_For_Life about how @POTUS has been STANDING for LIFE. We've reinstated the Mexico City Policy, allowed states to defund Planned Parenthood & nominated judges who will uphold our God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution."
Jan. 18, 2019 Tweet - "Great honor to speak at tonight's March for Life Rose Dinner. Under @POTUS Trump, this is a pro-life administration -- and across the board, we have kept our promise to stand without apology for the sanctity of human life!"
Jan. 18, 2019 Tweet - "Great to be with @SecondLady to welcome so many Americans to our Nation's capital for the largest pro-life gathering in the US -- the 46th annual @March_For_Life! From the first day of this admin, @POTUS has taken action to defend the sanctity of LIFE. Great to see everyone!"
Jan. 18, 2019 Tweet - "Honored to speak at the @March_for_Life. @POTUS Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in American history. But we know we still have much work to do. So we urge you to stand strong, and stand with that love and compassion as you STAND for LIFE."
Jan. 17, 2019 Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence Announcing the Missile Defense Review
Jan. 17, 2019 Tweet - "Today, our hearts and prayers are with the families of the fallen American heroes who were lost in Syria yesterday, as well as with those service members who were wounded. We honor their service and we will honor the memory of the fallen."
Jan. 17, 2019 Tweet - "In the last two years, @POTUS has made great progress to provide for the common defense. Today, by unveiling our new strategy for missile defense, @POTUS takes another critical step to ensure the safety & security of the American people & our very way of life."
Jan. 16, 2019 Tweet - "Honored to be w/ Angel Families at @WhiteHouse. The lives of their loved ones were cut short by criminal illegal aliens. @POTUS is determined to ensure no more families experience the loss they know firsthand. We will end this crisis, build a wall & protect the American people."
Jan. 16, 2019 Tweet - "I spoke yesterday with Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, and I told him the United States will continue to stand strong with the people of Venezuela until democracy and liberty are restored."
Jan. 16, 2019 Tweet - ".@POTUS' foreign policy, put simply, is America first. No longer will the United States government pursue grandiose, unrealistic notions at the expense of the American people. Instead, @POTUS Trump is putting our Nation's security and prosperity FIRST."
Jan. 16, 2019 Statement by Vice President Mike Pence on the terrorist attack in Syria
Jan. 16, 2019 Tweet - "Protecting and promoting religious freedom is a foreign-policy priority of this Administration. On this National Religious Freedom Day, let us rededicate ourselves to that first freedom. This administration will ALWAYS be a champion for people of faith."
Jan. 15, 2019 Tweet - "Great conversation w/ @WilkowMajority. Anyone who stands w/ @POTUS & this Admin for border security, for building a wall & for dealing w/ the crisis on our southern border should not go to bed without having called, written, emailed, communicated with your elected representatives"
Jan. 15, 2019 Tweet - "Great being on the @HowieCarrShow. Democrats refuse to negotiate until @POTUS agrees to reopen the government. He's not going to budge. We're going to build that wall & give our border security personnel the resources & reforms they need to do their job & protect this Country."
Jan. 15, 2019 Tweet - "It's time for Democrats in Congress to do their job, negotiate in good faith & reach an agreement that ends the humanitarian & security crisis at our border. The American people deserve nothing less. Read my op-ed in @USATODAY:"
Jan. 15, 2019 Tweet - "Honored to speak to Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela - a courageous man standing up for freedom & democracy!"q
Jan. 15, 2019 Tweet - "As I told @MarkLevinShow, Democrats refuse to even sit down and negotiate. 800,000 federal employees out of work, missing paychecks. A crisis at our southern border. And Democrats refuse to even sit down at the table. The American people deserve better!"
Jan. 11, 2019 Tweet - "Joined @POTUS to meet w/ state & local leaders about the crisis at our southern border. @POTUS is resolved to build the wall & provide the resources & reforms needed to stem the tide of illegal immigration, human trafficking, & narcotics that are besetting our southern border."
Jan. 11, 2019 Tweet - "Deeply troubling to learn that #Burma's courts upheld the convictions of 2 journalists today - failing a basic test in democracy. In the name of free & independent press, the gov't of Burma should release these journalists immediately. The world is watching. #FreeWaLoneKyawSoeOo"
Jan. 11, 2019 Tweet - "In the last month, there were nearly 10,000 more members of families & unaccompanied children attempting to cross the border than when President Obama called it a humanitarian crisis in the Rose Garden in 2014. We have a humanitarian crisis on our southern border."
Jan. 11, 2019 Tweet - "We're going to get @CBP the support that it needs. We're going to build that wall. We're going to get the resources @CBP needs to secure our border - one way or another."
Jan. 11, 2019 Tweet - "The men and women of @CBP do an essential job for the national security of the United States. The truth is - the men and women of this department risk their lives every day to enforce the laws of this country, but they also save lives every day."
Jan. 11, 2019 Remarks by Vice President Pence Before Meet-and-Greet with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Employees
Jan. 11, 2019 Tweet - "Just as everyone in @CBP fights every day to keep our Nation safe, @POTUS and this Administration will keep fighting to BUILD THE WALL and give them the resources and reforms they need to do their job. That's my promise."
Jan. 10, 2019 Tweet - "Dictator Maduro's inauguration is a sham. The US does not recognize the illegitimate result of a stolen election. We'll continue to stand w/ the people of Venezuela & against Maduro's corrupt regime until freedom & democracy prevail in Venezuela! #Libertad"
Jan. 10, 2019 Tweet - "Just arrived at Capitol to talk w/ members of Congress about the humanitarian & security crisis at our southern border. @POTUS made clear he will stand firm to achieve the priorities of the American people to build a wall & add personnel, resources, & reforms to stem the crisis."
Jan. 10, 2019 Tweet - "Met with reporters at the Capitol & made clear that it's time for Democrats to step up and start negotiating. We've been working in good faith over the last three weeks to resolve this government shutdown & address what is an undeniable crisis at our southern border. Walls work!"
Jan. 9, 2019 Remarks by Vice President Pence After Meeting with Congressional Leadership on Border Security
Jan. 9, 2019 Tweet - "Great conversation w/ @RushLimbaugh today. @POTUS & I and our entire team are determined to stand firm until the Democrats in Congress come to the table and work with us to secure the border, build a wall, end this humanitarian crisis, and do what's right for the American people."
Jan. 9, 2019 Tweet - "Democrats are unwilling to engage in good-faith negotiations. We face a serious humanitarian & security crisis at our southern border. @POTUS & our Admin will continue to drive forward to bring about the kind of reforms that'll see to the safety & security of the American people."
Jan. 8, 2019 Tweet - "Headed to meeting w/ @HouseGOP at Capitol about border security. @POTUS is determined to stand strong to build a wall and provide the kind of resources & reforms that are necessary to address the humanitarian & security crisis at our southern border."
Jan. 8, 2019 Tweet - "Great discussion w/ @HallieJackson on border crisis. 4,000 known/suspected terrorists attempt to enter our country from ALL ports of entry. On the Southern Border: 3,000 special interest aliens attempted to enter our country. 2 different categories, often conflated."
Jan. 8, 2019 Tweet - "The congress should do its job and come to the table. The fact is what we heard over the weekend is Democrats are not even willing to negotiate until @POTUS reopens the government. The American people deserve better than that."
Jan. 8, 2019 Tweet - ".@POTUS is prepared to do what's necessary to address what is a real humanitarian & security crisis at our southern border. We need new resources. We need to build the wall. We need Congress to come to the table & work with this President to address this crisis once and for all."
Jan. 8, 2019 Tweet - "60,000 people are now attempting to come into our country illegally every month. That's more than 2,000 a day. The vast majority of those people now are families and unaccompanied children, and it simply is overwhelming the ability of our customs and border patrol to address it."
Jan. 7, 2019 Tweet - "Told the press today at the @WhiteHouse there is a humanitarian crisis at the southern border, but the dems are refusing to negotiate. @POTUS and our team are working to end the crisis, secure the border & open the fed govt. It's time for Dem leadership to come back to the table."
Jan. 7, 2019 Remarks by Vice President Pence, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and OMB Deputy Director Russell Vought in Press Briefing on Border Security
Jan. 6, 2019 Tweet - "We're back at the White House this afternoon working with bipartisan staff from Congressional leadership. @POTUS is committed to securing the border, building the wall, & working to reopen our government."
Jan. 5, 2019 Tweet - "Productive discussion w/ Congressional leadership staff at @WhiteHouse. @SecNielsen gave a full presentation on crisis along Southern Border. We reaffirmed @POTUS' commitment to secure the border, build the wall, keep Americans safe & reopen gov't. Discussions continue tomorrow."
Jan. 5, 2019 Tweet - "Just arrived at @WhiteHouse for meetings w/ top level staff of House & Senate leadership today. Our aim will be to find a solution- not simply to end the gov't shutdown- to provide funding to end the crisis at our southern border, achieve real border security & to build the wall!"
Jan. 4, 2019 Tweet - "Another jobs report under @POTUS' leadership showing STRONG manufacturing growth. In fact, the 284,000 new manufacturing jobs in 2018 are the MOST new manufacturing jobs in a single year since 1997! PROMISES MADE! PROMISES KEPT!"
Jan. 4, 2019 Tweet - "We are in the midst of a crisis on our southern border, and @POTUS has made it clear that we are committed to achieving border security as we resolve this budget impasse. He has made it clear we are going to BUILD THE WALL on our southern border."
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