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Cathy McMorris Rodgers' Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (WA) - District 5, Republican Majority Conference Chair
Date Title
March 16, 2018 Tweet - "I'm excited that in the #TaxCutsandJobsAct, my #ABLE to Work provisions were signed into law. It allows those with disabilities to explore work & find a job."
March 16, 2018 Tweet - "It's important to have the support of the administration on this. Our Snake River dams alone power 1.87 million homes every year with clean, renewable energy. That's why we must protect them."
March 16, 2018 A Women's Shelter Shares Its Tax Reform Story
March 15, 2018 Empowering Women through Conservative Policy
March 14, 2018 Protecting Schools and Building Up Communities
March 14, 2018 Chair McMorris Rodgers Discusses Ruth Marcus Op-ed, Human Dignity on Fox & Friends
March 14, 2018 Tweet - "My son, Cole, has huge potential. We should be celebrating the potential of every person in this country by being warriors for human dignity and human value."
March 14, 2018 Tweet - "Our goal is to make sure every kid has the chance to learn, make friends, and pursue their passions in a school that's safe."
March 14, 2018 House Republicans discuss school safety after bipartisan passage of the STOP School Violence Act
March 14, 2018 Students Are Calling for Action: McMorris Rodgers Is Taking Action
March 14, 2018 Tweet - "We should be focused on ABILITY & all the talents that people have to offer. My bill, ABLE to Work, was signed into in #taxreform. It will allow people with disabilities to explore the workforce and reach their full potential."
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "9.4 million businesses in America are owned by women. The #TaxCutsandJobsAct was written with them in mind."
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "With bigger paychecks and cheaper bills, families can now breathe a sigh of relief as they sit down at their kitchen tables and review their budgets."
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "One way we can continue to support those with Down syndrome and other disabilities is by ensuring they have the resources available to them to live full and independent lives. That's what my ABLE provisions in the #TaxCutsandJobsAct do."
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "Every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential no matter the challenges they may face…#prolife."
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "Thanks to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, Premera is able to pass the benefits down to Hope House in Spokane, Washington, so they can serve more women in our community. #TaxReformWorks"
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "By voting down #RightToTry, Democrats just voted to keep potentially lifesaving treatments out of reach for terminally ill patients who are fighting for their lives. It's unacceptable."
March 13, 2018 McMorris Rodgers Statement on Democrats Blocking Right to Try
March 13, 2018 Tweet - "For families who have been living paycheck to paycheck, their pay increases under the #TaxCutsandJobsAct are a big deal."
March 11, 2018 Tweet - "Utility companies in at least 41 states have taken action to pass on savings and benefits to their customers. That's nearly 83 million Americans across the country who will see their utility costs drop thanks to the #TaxCutsandJobsAct."
March 11, 2018 Fighting for Medical Records Access for Veterans
March 11, 2018 Tweet - "Great to meet with Israel Prime Minister @netanyahu this week. America has a special relationship with Israel, and we will continue to stand beside our ally with unwavering resolve."
March 11, 2018 Tweet - "After reading the opinion piece in the @washingtonpost about aborting babies with Down syndrome, I struggled to put into words how offensive it is. Thread..."
March 11, 2018 Tweet - "This is what an opportunity economy looks like→ "The proportion of people in their prime working years (25 to 54) who are working is at its highest level since 2008."
March 10, 2018 Tweet - "The #TaxCutsandJobsAct is pro-family. ✔️ It doubles the standard deduction ✔️ It doubles the Child Tax Credit ✔️ It preserves the Adoption Tax Credit ✔️ It expands 529 savings accounts for K-12 education Learn more on"
March 10, 2018 Tweet - "What does #taxreform mean for people living with a disability? My ABLE provisions, that were signed into law in the #TaxCutsandJobsAct, will mean they will have more opportunities to reach their full potential."
March 10, 2018 Tweet - ".@HouseGOP has been focused on pro-growth solutions like reining in inefficient regulations & tax reform. Now, "the economy is humming.""
March 9, 2018 Tweet - "For people living with a disability, my ABLE 2.0 provisions will allow them to explore the workforce and find a good-paying job."
March 9, 2018 Tweet - "For working moms and dads, we doubled the Child Tax Credit, preserved the Adoption Tax Credit, and expanded 529 savings accounts to help with the costs of raising children"
March 9, 2018 Tweet - "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is empowering women so they can keep making history for years to come. #WomensHistoryMonth."
March 9, 2018 Tweet - "We are putting the people's priorities first to create jobs & grow the economy."
March 9, 2018 Tweet - "Blockbuster job growth in February" "The economy is humming" "Jobs reports don't get much better than this"
March 9, 2018 Tweet - "Congress must do its part to rebuild trust. That means putting power back in the American people's hands."
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "The only way to rebuild trust at the VA is with greater accountability, stricter management, and services that give patients more control over their health care. Read more in my op-ed in the @NRO:"
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "Where would we be today if Jeanette Rankin said "why me?" instead of "why not me?" Or if Malala Yousafzai backed down and decided girls in Pakistan didn't need an education? What if Margaret Thatcher left politics to the men? #IWD2018"
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "This week, the People's House took action to protect more American brick and coal jobs."
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "We stand on the shoulder of giants -- but we stand there to lift the next generation higher than ourselves. We stand there so that every woman has a voice, has an opportunity to be legendary, and can keep making history for years to come. #IWD2018"
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "Bonuses, pay increases & better benefits ← Real results from the #TaxCutsandJobsAct that are helping families get ahead."
March 8, 2018 International Women's Day
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "Imagine being that single mom, who wakes up every day, takes her kids to school, & goes to work at a shop in downtown Spokane, Washington. A bigger paycheck means she will have more money in her pocket every single month."
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "Today isn't a box to check or a brief blip in a month of celebrating women. #IWD2018 is a powerful reminder of the progress we've made towards equality of opportunity -- and the work that still needs to be done around the world."
March 8, 2018 House Republicans Protect American Jobs with Relief from Stringent EPA Regulations
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "For people living with a disability, a job is so much more than a paycheck. It's what gives them a purpose. My bill, ABLE to Work, became law in the #TaxCutsandJobsAct to help them explore the workforce & find a good paying job."
March 8, 2018 Tweet - "Despite having valuable leadership qualities, many women around the world are denied fundamental rights, such as voting, education, property, and, in many cases, the right to life. On #IWD2018 let's pledge to remain vigilant advocates for our neighbors"
March 7, 2018 Tweet - "The ABLE provisions in #taxreform are proof that we can create policy to help people reach their full potential."
March 7, 2018 Letter to President Donald Trump - Upton Urges Trump to Target Tariffs to Bad Actors
March 7, 2018 Tweet - "The RAY BAUM'S Act will close the digital divide so that more people, from families to farmers, can access the internet and engage in the 21st century economy."
March 7, 2018 Tweet - "Washington is the most trade-dependent state in the nation. I'm urging the President to reverse course on his recently announced tariffs on steel and aluminum because of the impact it would have on our trade relationships and our economy."
March 7, 2018 McMorris Rodgers Works to Bring Medical Records Access to Veterans in Eastern Washington
March 7, 2018 McMorris Rodgers Joins in Introducing Mind Act of 2018
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