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9/09/14 Barrow Working to Eliminate Congressional Perks 8/08/14 Letter to Mary Jo White, Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission - Implement Crowdfunding Rules 9/09/13 Global Investment in American Jobs Act of 2013 7/09/13 Letter to Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate - National Labor Relations Board Nominees 6/10/13 Barrow Recognizes 50th Anniversary of Equal Pay Act 6/05/13 Paycheck Fairness Act 2/28/13 Senate, House Lawmakers Announce Bill to Repeal Job-Killing Employer Mandate 2/15/13 Bill to Prevent Industrial Dust Explosions Re-Introduced in the House 9/20/12 Jobs Bill Championed by Barrow, Dold, Peters, and Roskam 7/10/12 Federal Spectrum Working Group Seeks Update on Government Spectrum Use 6/21/12 Barrow Legislation Included in House Energy Bill 6/07/12 Reps. Dold, Peters, Roskam, and Barrow Introduce Bipartisan Global Investment in American Jobs Act of 2012 7/11/11 Barrow, Rogers Bill to Protect Jobs and Ensure Rural Access to Health Care Professionals Reaches 100 Co-Sponsors 2/28/11 Delegation United in Fight for Harbor Expansion 2/18/11 Barrow Introduces Bill to Protect Factory Workers from Dangers of Combustible Dust 4/16/09 Barrow Announces Middle-Class Tax Cut Takes Effect Today 2/05/09 Barrow To Reintroduce Combustible Dust Bill 3/12/08 Barrow Testifies before House Education and Labor Committee on Combustible Dust Standards 1/23/07 Rep. Barrow Votes to Stip Crooked Congressmen of Taxpayer Funded Benefits 8/11/06 Radio Interview in Toombs County

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