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9/09/14 Barrow Working to Eliminate Congressional Perks 5/12/14 Bipartisan Group Introduces Bill to Stop Congress from Flying First Class Using Taxpayer Funds 5/05/14 E-Newsletter: Barrow Bulletin - Freezing Pay and Protecting Veterans 5/22/13 PolitiFact - Congress Away too Often, Georgia Lawmaker Says 4/12/13 Ga Rep. John Barrow Says 66 Recess Days Out of 100 "shameful' for Congress 3/18/13 Return the 27th Amendment of the Constitution to Its Original Intent 3/05/13 Barrow Seeks to Change 27th Amendment to Cut Member Pay 1/24/13 Barrow Introduces Redistricting Legislation 1/07/13 Barrow Introduces Priorities Legislative Package 1/03/13 Barrow Sworn in for 113th Congress 12/30/12 Barrow Urges House Leadership to Block Member of Congress Pay Increase 12/20/12 Barrow Announces 2013 Rural Listening Tour 7/20/12 Barrow: Members Missing Votes Shouldn't Receive Pay 6/27/12 Barrow Statement on Contempt Vote 6/18/12 Barrow Joins Bipartisan Fix Congress Now Caucus 10/26/11 Oversight of Executive Branch Spending 9/15/11 Bipartisan Approach 7/11/11 Barrow, Rogers Bill to Protect Jobs and Ensure Rural Access to Health Care Professionals Reaches 100 Co-Sponsors 4/08/11 Barrow Pledges to Forego Federal Salary if No Agreement is Reached on the Budget 3/30/11 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker, House of Representatives - Vote on S. 388 1/19/10 Another Legislative Session Begins 2/14/07 Expressing Sorrow of the House at the Death of the Honorable Charlie Norwood, Member of Congress from the State of Georgia 1/23/07 Rep. Barrow Votes to Stip Crooked Congressmen of Taxpayer Funded Benefits 5/03/06 Barrow Votes for Ethics & Lobbying Reform Package; Believes Tougher Measures are Still Needed Issue Position: Ethics

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