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Ron Paul's Public Statements

Date Title
Dec. 19, 2007 FOX News "Your World" - Transcript
Dec. 18, 2007 FOX News "Fox and Friends" - Transcript
Dec. 17, 2007 The American Spectator - Dr. No On Ice
Dec. 17, 2007 Message from Ron
Dec. 16, 2007 The Importance of Fiscal Responsibility in Government
Dec. 15, 2007 Message from Ron
Dec. 13, 2007 Statement Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act
Dec. 13, 2007 Introducing the Cancer and Terminal Illness Patient Health Care Act
Dec. 13, 2007 Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act
Dec. 12, 2007 Des Moines Register Presidential Debate: The Republicans
Dec. 11, 2007 Congressman Paul Introduces the Property Tax Deduction for All Act
Dec. 11, 2007 Average Americans Pay the Price for the Federal Reserve's Inflationary Policies
Dec. 10, 2007 Ron Paul Addresses Hispanic Voters in Miami Debate
Dec. 10, 2007 Ron Paul: Time to Kill the Death Tax
Dec. 10, 2007 ABC News - Ron Paul Unplugged
Dec. 9, 2007 Republican Univision Debate Transcript
Dec. 7, 2007 Ron Paul: Missing Weapons Put Soldiers at Risk, Wastes Tax Dollars
Dec. 7, 2007 Hillary Clinton's Call for More Government is the Opposite of What is Needed
Dec. 6, 2007 Washington Post -Paul's Quixotic, Chaotic Run May Make Its Push in N.H.
Dec. 6, 2007 A Speech Given to Congress in February Shows that Ron Paul was Right all Along
Dec. 6, 2007 "A History Lesson With Dr. Paul"
Dec. 6, 2007 Ron Paul: Romney's Faith Should Not be an Issue
Dec. 5, 2007 Iran Intelligence Report Highlights Need for Ron Paul's Foreign Policy of Peace
Dec. 5, 2007 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
Dec. 5, 2007 Introduction of Property Tax Deduction for All Act
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