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12/17/12 Right to Work is Part of Economic Liberty 12/10/12 Expanding Covert Warfare Makes Us Less Safe 12/03/12 Headed Toward the 11th Hour Compromise 11/26/12 How to End the Tragedy in Gaza 11/19/12 Secession: Are We Free To Go? 11/05/12 The Economics of Disaster 10/29/12 Let the Markets Clear! 10/22/12 The Internet Revolution is a Liberty Revolution 10/15/12 Keeping Up Statistical Appearances 10/09/12 Government Dependency Will End in Chaos 10/01/12 Gold is Good Money 9/24/12 Interest Rates Are Prices 9/18/12 Paul Subcommittee to Examine Federal Reserve Interest Rate Policy 9/17/12 Consequences of an Interventionist Foreign Policy 9/13/12 Reaction to FOMC Statement 9/13/12 Dear Friend 9/10/12 A Republic, Not a Democracy 9/03/12 How Long Will the Dollar Remain the World's Reserve Currency? 8/27/12 Meaningless Words in Politics 8/20/12 Military "Cuts": Don't Believe the Hype 7/31/12 Blog: Security and Self-Governance 7/31/12 Blog: Audit the Fed Moves Forward! 7/24/12 House Votes Overwhelmingly to Audit the Fed! 7/16/12 Audit the Fed Headed for the House Floor! 7/16/12 Fractional Reserve Banking, Government, and Moral Hazard 7/16/12 Inflation is a Monetary Phenomenon 7/02/12 Audit the Fed Bill Passed by Congressional Oversight Committee 7/02/12 Blog: Audit the Fed Headed for the House Floor! 6/28/12 Statement on Supreme Court Obamacare Decision 6/25/12 Blog: Government is Already Too Involved in Healthcare 6/18/12 Unconstitutional Uses of Drones Must Stop 6/15/12 Important National Convention News 6/11/12 The CBO Sees the Economic Cliff Ahead 6/04/12 Blog: War Drums for Syria? 5/21/12 On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues 5/17/12 The Fed: Mend It or End It? 5/14/12 Ron Paul Statement on Campaign Going Forward 5/08/12 Hearing of the Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee - "The Federal Reserve System: Mend It or End It?" 5/07/12 Enduring Commitments Abroad 5/03/12 Paul Subcommittee to Tackle Federal Reserve Reform 5/02/12 Ron Paul Statement on Newt Gingrich Campaign Suspension 5/01/12 Ron Paul Statement on EPA Administrator Resignation 4/30/12 The Costs of War 4/26/12 Ron Paul Statement on Labor Department Regulations Affecting Family Farms 4/23/12 CISPA is the New SOPA 4/17/12 Hearing of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee - "The Future of Money: Coinage Production" 4/17/12 Ron Paul Statement on Tax Freedom Day 4/16/12 Professor Obama Gets an F 4/09/12 In Praise of Private Charity 4/02/12 The Supreme Court and Obamacare

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