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Ron Paul's Public Statements on Issue: Senior Citizens

Date Title
July 19, 2011 Raising the Debt Limit
July 18, 2011 Ron Paul: The U.S. Government Is Defaulting on the American People
Sept. 8, 2010 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript
Sept. 9, 2009 CNN "Larry King Live" - Transcript
June 25, 2008 Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008
Jan. 23, 2008 Fox News Channel "Your World" - Transcript
Jan. 8, 2008 Post-Primary New Hampshire Primary Remarks
May 15, 2007 Fox News "Your World" -Transcript
Jan. 8, 2007 Texas Straight Talk (Totalization is a Bad Idea)
Jan. 5, 2007 Introducing The Social Security For American Citizens Only Act
Jan. 5, 2007 Introduction Of The Social Security Preservation Act
Nov. 13, 2006 Texas Straight Talk (Demographic Reality and the Entitlement State )
Oct. 23, 2006 Texas Straight Talk (Do Tax Cuts Cost the Government Money?)
Oct. 18, 2006 Press Release - Paul Urges Social Security Fairness for Texas Teachers
Oct. 9, 2006 Texas Straight Talk (Deficit Spending and Social Security)
Sept. 29, 2006 Introduction Of The Taxpayer Protection From Frivolous Litigation Act
Aug. 21, 2006 Lowering the Cost of Health Care
March 13, 2006 How Government Debt Grows
March 1, 2006 Debt Addiction
Feb. 6, 2006 Hinojosa Responds to President's Proposed Budget
Aug. 22, 2005 Borrowing, Spending, Counterfeiting
Aug. 1, 2005 The Sausage Factory
April 20, 2005 Hearing of the Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee: The Emergence of a Changing Japan
Feb. 16, 2005 Introduction of the Social Security for Americans Citizens Only Act
Feb. 14, 2005 The National ID Trojan Horse
Feb. 10, 2005 Real ID Act of 2005
Jan. 24, 2005 Want to Reform Social Security? Stop Spending.
Jan. 13, 2005 Stop Taxing Social Security!
Jan. 4, 2005 Introduction of the Social Security Preservation Act
Jan. 4, 2005 Introducing the Social Security Beneficiary Tax Reduction Act and the Senior Citizens' Tax Elimination Act
Nov. 8, 2004 Texas Straight Talk - Social Security: House of Cards
Sept. 6, 2004 Texas Straight Talk - Reject the National ID Card
July 19, 2004 Saving the World with Your Money
May 13, 2004 Hearing of the House International Relations Committee - Transfer of Sovereignty in Iraq
March 25, 2004 House Financial Services Committee - The State of the International Financial System
Feb. 11, 2004 Social Security Protection Act of 2003
Feb. 10, 2004 Joint Economic Committee - The Economic Report of the President
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