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Sarah Palin's Public Statements

Date Title
June 23, 2009 Fifteenth Ethics Complaint Dismissed
June 17, 2009 Governor Signs Legislation Strengthening Child Safety Requirements
June 16, 2009 Letter to The Honorable Ken Salazar, Secretary, United States Department Of The Interior
June 12, 2009 NBC "Today" - Transcript
June 11, 2009 Historic Agreement Moves AGIA Forward Governor Applauds Private-Sector Alignment
June 8, 2009 Fox News Channel "Hannity" - Transcript
June 8, 2009 Oil Rebounds, Governor Urges Continued Fiscal Restraint
June 5, 2009 Energy Department Reveals Strings Attached, Asks States to Comment
June 3, 2009 Governor Palin Lauds AGIA Progress
June 2, 2009 Point Thomson Appreciation Luncheon
May 31, 2009 Alaska Chooses to Monitor Common Core Education Initiative
May 29, 2009 Governor Urges President to Stand Firm Against North Korea
May 21, 2009 Governor Palin Signs Budget Bills Conservative Spending Plan Implemented for FY2010
May 21, 2009 Governor Maintains Stance on Stimulus Funds, Favors Local Control on Building Codes
May 21, 2009 Governor Palin Requests Preliminary Damage Assessment from FEMA
May 20, 2009 Governor Palin Lauds Congressional Firearm Provision
May 20, 2009 Governor Palin Signs Bills on Boating Safety and Teachers Salaries
May 18, 2009 Governor Palin Meets U.S. Pacific Air Force Commander
May 18, 2009 Court Review Ends on Kenai Natural Gas Exports
May 15, 2009 Governor Palin Directs Filing of New Kensington Brief
May 15, 2009 Governor Palin Signs House and Senate Bills
May 8, 2009 Governor Lauds Secretary Salazar's Decision
May 8, 2009 APOC Dismisses Complaint Filed Against Governor
May 7, 2009 Governor Calls President's Budget Cuts ‘Outrageous'
May 1, 2009 Governor Signs House Bill
April 29, 2009 Governor Signs Alaska Territorial Guard Bill
April 28, 2009 State Will Keep Pressing for Fair TAPS Tariff Rates
April 28, 2009 Governor Acknowledges Legislature's Action to Accept Stimulus Funds
April 22, 2009 Acting Attorney General Issues Opinion on Requirement for a Public Vote for Legislative Vacancies
April 19, 2009 Governor, Senate Democrats Agree on Dennis Egan for District B
April 18, 2009 Governor to Continue to Push for Parental Notification
April 17, 2009 Governor Dismayed by Court Ruling on Off-Shore Drilling
April 17, 2009 In-State Gas Line Remains Top Priority
April 16, 2009 Legislature Rejects Governor's Choice for Attorney General
April 16, 2009 Joe Nelson Withdraws from Consideration
April 15, 2009 Governor Hopeful for Budget Agreements
April 14, 2009 Palin Testifies on Outer Continental Shelf
April 13, 2009 Governor Lauds Mobilization at Point Thomson
April 9, 2009 Governor Laments Ongoing Lack of Representation for Juneau
April 8, 2009 Letter to The Honorable Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense
April 7, 2009 Governor Palin Comments on Dismissal of Stevens Conviction
April 6, 2009 Governor Welcomes House Energy Committee Proposal
April 6, 2009 Governor Palin Stresses Need for Strong Missile Defense Capability
April 3, 2009 Governor Requests Public Vote on Senate District B
April 2, 2009 Governor Lauds the State House for Passage of House Bill 35
April 1, 2009 Governor Comments on Dismissal of Charges Against Stevens
March 26, 2009 Governor Announces Alaska's Exports Remain Strong
March 26, 2009 Governor Comments on Stimulus
March 24, 2009 Governor Palin Says House Letter to President Obama Ignores U.S. Energy Imperatives
March 24, 2009 Governor Comments on Latest Bogus Ethics Complaint
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