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Jim Clyburn's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (SC) - District 6, Democratic Assistant Minority Leader
Date Title
March 21, 2018 Tweet - "Congratulations to @Starbucks for achieving gender & racial #payequity. I join w/ your 1,600 #SC employees, including those at the Sandy Run roasting plant in SC06 (which proudly produces 1.5 million lbs of coffee/wk), in celebrating your achievement. #MadeInSC #EqualPay"
March 21, 2018 Tweet - "OTD in 1965, two weeks after #bloodysunday, my colleague and dear friend @repjohnlewis started his march from #Selma to Montgomery to continue the drive for #votingrights. Today, we are still fighting for unfettered access to the ballot box."
March 15, 2018 Addressing the Gun Violence Epidemic
March 15, 2018 Tweet - "This is #PublicSchoolsWeek and I want to thank all of our public educators for all of their hard work. As a former public school teacher, I know firsthand they are building the bright young minds of future generations. @NEAToday"
March 14, 2018 Tweet - "Today marks one month since the deadliest high school shooting in America. I join students nationwide in pausing for 17 minutes to honor the lives of those lost & #demandaction. Congress must take up commonsense #GunReformNow. #NeverAgain"
March 1, 2018 Tweet - "#TBT to OTD 5 yrs ago: $1.2 trillion in blunt, across-the-board spending cuts went into effect. Republicans "cared" so much abt the deficit they demanded them in exchange for raising the debt ceiling under Obama. (1/2)"
March 1, 2018 Letter to the Hon. R.D. James Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) and Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite, Commanding General and Chief of Engineers, US Army Corps of Engineers - Charleston Harbor Funding
Feb. 27, 2018 Clyburn Launches Petition To Force Vote On Closing The Charleston Loophole
Feb. 27, 2018 Tweet - "House Republicans voted twice today to block consideration of my bill to close the #Charleston Loophole, but I will not be deterred. I have filed a discharge petition to force a vote on HR3464, the Background Check Completion Act. We need common sense #GunReformNow (1/2)"
Feb. 26, 2018 Tweet - "Privileged Resolution filed tonight in the House to bring up common sense #GunReform, including my bill to close the Charleston Loophole"
Feb. 26, 2018 Gun Violence
Feb. 23, 2018 Tweet - "For the 2nd year in a row, Trump's #budget proposes to eliminate all funding for Rural Water and Wastewater grants. We need more investment, not less, in water #Infrastructure so that ALL Americans have access to reliable, clean drinking water."
Feb. 22, 2018 Tweet - "I was a 19 yr old student @SCState1896 in 1960 when I was arrested for protesting segregation. These #Parkland students & other young organizers around US are further proof that when #StudentsStandUp, change can happen. I'm encouraged by & stand w/ you all. #Enough #GunReformNow"
Feb. 16, 2018 Tweet - "#WithABuckFiftyAWeek my constituents can't even get a gallon of gas for the drive home. #GOPTaxScam"
Feb. 16, 2018 Tweet - "Paging @SpeakerRyan: My constituents can't buy any of these basics at the Food Lion in Columbia, #SC #WithABuckFiftyAWeek. Your #GOPTaxScam gives millions to shareholders, billions to corporations & sticks working people with the bill."
Feb. 14, 2018 Tweet - "I join in celebrating the @LWV on this 98th anniversary of its founding. Their nonpartisan work to register voters, expand access to the ballot box, fight voter suppression & protect #votingrights strengthens our democracy."
Feb. 14, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Oppose Unlawful Medicaid Work Requirements
Feb. 12, 2018 Tweet - "The @NAACP was founded OTD 109 yrs ago. Its mission "to ensure political, educational, social & economic equality of rights of all persons & to eliminate race-based discrimination" is as important today as it was then. #MakeHistory #BlackHistoryMonth"
Feb. 8, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of the House - Make Public Commitment to Schedule Vote on Protecting DREAMers
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "OTD in 1968, law enforcement officers opened fire on students on the front lawn of @SCSTATE1896, my alma mater. 3 were killed and dozens wounded in what became known as the Orangeburg Massacre. A time of growing tension in #SC & a time of crisis in America. #ThursdayThoughts"
Feb. 6, 2018 Tweet - "∙ @realDonaldTrump would "love to see a shutdown" ∙ @SpeakerRyan controls the House ∙ @SenateMajLdr controls the Senate ∙ @GOP #cantgovern & continues to lurch from crisis to crisis bc they refuse to work in a bipartisan way to address our nation's urgent needs (1/2)"
Feb. 5, 2018 Tweet - "The Family & Medical Leave Act was signed OTD 25 yrs ago; has provided >100M Americans opportunity to take time off to care for a new child or sick relative. Still, just 15% of private-sector & state/local government workers have access to paid family/medical leave."
Feb. 1, 2018 Tweet - "#BlackHistoryMonth is a time for reflection and resolve. I urge all my fellow Americans to reflect on our long and difficult struggle against injustice and inequality and resolve to work together to create that "more perfect union""
Jan. 23, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Robert Lighthizer, United States Trade Representative - End Outsourcing
Jan. 18, 2018 Letter to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States - Keep Government Open, Include Bipartisan Priorities
Jan. 18, 2018 Letter to Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce - Request to Add Citizenship Question to the 2020 Census
Jan. 4, 2018 Tweet - "I have always staunchly opposed offshore drilling along South Carolina's coast. 1/3"
Dec. 21, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General - Congresswoman Susan Davis Joins in Expressing Support for Robert Mueller's Investigation of Trump
Dec. 21, 2017 Tweet - "I voted NO on the Republican's 4-wk government funding bill bc it's irresponsible to go home w/o reauthorizing the Children's Health Insurance Program & Community Health Centers. CHIP serves 9 million children & CHCs provide critical health services to 27 million people (1/2)"
Dec. 20, 2017 Tweet - "As Republicans celebrate giving massive tax cuts to corporations & the rich, 9 million children are at risk of losing their health insurance. #DoBetter, @GOP #GOPTaxScam #Matthew25"
Dec. 19, 2017 Tweet - "The Ryan/McConnell tax bill should be named, "the Republican Donor-Class Relief Act." Read my full statement here, . #GOPTaxScam"
Dec. 15, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of the House - Don't Count on Us to Fix the PAYGO Problem You've Created with the GOP's Tax Bill
Dec. 11, 2017 Tweet - "RT if you agree that middle class families shouldn't suffer while the millionaires & billionaires are given more tax breaks. #GOPTaxScam"
Dec. 11, 2017 Tweet - "RT if you agree that middle class families shouldn't suffer while the millionaires & billionaires are given more tax breaks. #GOPTaxScam"
Nov. 29, 2017 Tweet - "Congress must streamline the process, protect victims that wish to be protected, and ensure all allegations of wrongdoing are investigated with professionalism, urgency and due process. Read my full statement here,"
Nov. 22, 2017 Tweet "Sexual harassment is a very serious matter and cannot be tolerated. (1/3)"
Nov. 8, 2017 Tweet - "Mr. Speaker, paying for pass-through gimmicks and tax giveaways to multi-millionaires by raising taxes on moderate and middle-income Americans is reprehensible. Read my full statement on the #GOPTaxScam:"
Nov. 3, 2017 Letter to the Honorable Elaine C. Duke, Secretary of Homeland Security - Fully Extend TPS for Haitian Beneficiaries
Oct. 26, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Steven Mnuchin, the Hon. Alexander Acosta, and the Hon. Eric Hargan - Reverse Birth Control Access Rollback
Oct. 26, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Donald J. Trump, President - Complete Steel Imports Investigation
Oct. 4, 2017 Letter to President Donald J. Trump - Iran Nuclear Agreement
Oct. 4, 2017 Letter to President Donald Trump - Iran Nuclear Agreement
Sept. 28, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services - 78 House Dems Challenge Sec. Price, Trump Administration Over Healthcare.Gov Shutdowns During Open Enrollment
Sept. 7, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House - Congress Members Urge Speaker Ryan to Establish a Select Committee on the Rise of White Supremacy and Domestic Terrorism
Aug. 29, 2017 Letter to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States - Representatives Urge Trump to Reverse Transgender Military Ban
Aug. 1, 2017 Letter to President Donald J. Trump - Defense of DACA Program
June 30, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior - Urging the Secretary to Halt Seismic Tests Near Virginia's Coast
June 26, 2017 Clyburn Statement on Clyburn-Sanders Community Health Centers Bill
June 23, 2017 Lewis, Hoyer, Clyburn, Conyers and Brady Reintroduce Voter Empowerment Act
June 22, 2017 Letter to the Hon. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader, the Hon. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, the Hon. Nita Lowey, Ranking Member - No Poison Pill Riders on FY2-18 Appropriations Bills
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