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7/15/16 Kasich Orders Flags Flown at Half-Staff in Honor of Victims of the Attack in Nice, France 4/20/16 A Transcript of John Kasich's Interview with The Washington Post Editorial Board 3/29/16 Rush Transcript: Gov. John Kasich, CNN Milwaukee Republican Presidential Town Hall 3/27/16 Statement by Gov. John Kasich on Terrorist Attack in Pakistan 3/22/16 Gov. John Kasich Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Brussels 3/22/16 Kasich Orders Flags Flown at Half-Staff in Honor of the Lives Lost in Brussels, Belgium 3/16/16 Kasich Calls on North Korea to Immediately Release Cincinnati Student Otto Warmbier 3/10/16 CNN/Transcript of Republican Debate in Miami 3/03/16 Eleventh GOP Primary Debate 2/18/16 CNN - RUSH Transcript: Governor John Kasich//CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall Columbia, SC 2/13/16 Transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate 2/07/16 North Korea's Missile Launch is Unacceptable 2/06/16 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated 1/28/16 Transcript of the Main Republican Presidential Debate 1/14/16 Sixth Republican Presidential Debate 1/08/16 Union Leader - Kasich confident as primary nears, says he's the 'little engine that keeps coming along' 1/01/16 Issue Position: National Security 12/15/15 5th Republican Presidential Debate 12/09/15 International Business Times - John Kasich Foreign Policy Speech: Anti-Islamic State War On Terror Urged By Republican Presidential Candidate 12/07/15 Gov. John Kasich's Response to President Obama's National Remarks on Terrorism 11/18/15 Time - John Kasich: We Need Boots on the Ground to Defeat ISIS 11/16/15 Letter to the Hon. Barack Obama, Presidnet of the United States - U.S. Should not Accept Additional Syrian Refugees 11/14/15 John Kasich Calls for the U.S. to Immediately Work with Allies to Destroy ISIS in the Wake of Paris Attacks 11/11/15 New York Times - Transcript: Republican Presidential Debate 10/02/15 Kasich Calls For No-fly Zone In Syria To Protect Civilians And Refugees 9/16/15 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate 9/08/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Iran Nuclear Agreement 8/23/15 Ohio Governor John Kasich Congratulates Ukraine on 24 Years of Freedom and Independence 8/06/15 FOX News/Facebook - Transcript: 2015 Republican Presidential Candidate Debate 2/24/14 2014 State of the State Speech Transcript

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