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7/09/15 Speaker Boehner Calls on President Obama to Fire OPM Chief 7/08/15 Congress Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War 7/08/15 Every Child Should Have A Chance at a Great Education 7/08/15 Announcement on Pope Francis' Visit to the U.S. Capitol 7/08/15 "Things Every Family Can Identify With" 7/07/15 House Backs Stronger Security Ties With Jordan to Counter ISIL 7/01/15 IJReview: Under Republican Leadership, Congress is Getting Things Done 6/26/15 Marietta Daily Journal - Georgia Lawmakers Decry Health Care Ruling 6/25/15 Taunton Daily Gazette - Mass. Legislators Laud Supreme Court's Decision on Affordable Care Act Subsidies 6/21/15 Speaker Boehner on the Denver VA Hospital 6/18/15 Environment News Service: Pope Francis: Protect the Climate as a 'Common Good' 6/17/15 President Obama Owes Our Vets a Real Plan for Fixing the VA 6/12/15 America Gives More Act of 2015 6/12/15 Speaker Boehner on Today's Trade Votes 6/11/15 Boehner Calls on Both Parties to Pass TPA 6/11/15 Boehner Continues to Press for Real VA Reform 6/10/15 Boehner Applauds Bipartisan Effort to Defend American Farmers 6/10/15 Speaker Boehner Welcomes the Prime Minister of Ukraine 6/09/15 House Passes Transportation & Housing Bill to Strengthen Our Economy & Our Communities 6/09/15 Boehner on House Passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act 6/06/15 Boehner: President Obama Must Lead in Supporting Ukraine 6/05/15 Speaker Boehner on the May 2015 Unemployment Report 6/04/15 House Continues Fight to Protect Americans from ObamaCare 6/04/15 Boehner on TPA: "This Is About Doing the Right Thing for America" 6/03/15 The Best of America 6/02/15 Boehner on Senate Passage of the USA Freedom Act 6/01/15 Speaker Boehner on Passage of Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization 5/31/15 Boehner Statement on Patriot Act Deadline 5/29/15 Speaker Boehner: The White House Has Handed the Castro Regime a Significant Political Win in Return for Nothing 5/29/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on the Anniversary of the Taliban Five Swap 5/28/15 Boehner: American People Deserve the Truth in the IRS Scandal 5/27/15 Speaker Boehner on Tomorrow's House v. Burwell Hearing 5/27/15 Speaker Boehner on the Latest EPA Power Grab 5/26/15 Speaker Boehner on Ruling to Block President Obama's Unilateral Immigration Actions 5/22/15 Speaker Boehner on Senate Passage of Trade Promotion Authority 5/21/15 7 News - Second Shutdown Looms for VA Hospital Construction Project in Aurora 5/21/15 The Final Frontier 5/20/15 VA Accountability 5/19/15 Wall Street Journal: U.S. Rethinks Strategy to Battle Islamic State After Setback in Ramadi 5/15/15 A Strong National Defense Bill 5/14/15 Boehner on Defense Bill: This Vote Is About Supporting Our Troops 5/14/15 Roll Call - Schumer Rebuts Boehner, Ties Amtrak Funding to Crash 5/14/15 Boehner: Bipartisan Legislation Only Way Congress Will Have Opportunity to Stop Bad Deal with Iran 5/14/15 Boehner Thanks Police Officers for Their Service & Sacrifice 5/13/15 Rep. Boehner Welcomes Dayton-Springfield Community Leaders to Capitol Hill 5/13/15 The New York Times - House Votes to End N.S.A.'s Bulk Phone Data Collection 5/13/15 Three Bills to Help Keep Americans Safe 5/13/15 Providing Our Intelligence Community the Tools It Needs to Protect Americans 5/13/15 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 5/13/15 A Service Of Thanksgiving To God For The Life And Legacy Of The Honorable James C. Wright, Jr, 12th District of Texas, Speaker Of The U.S. House Of Representatives

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